Wildlife Exclusion with One-Way Doors

Wildlife Exclusion, One-Way Out, No Way Back In

The best way to remove many wildlife animals, such as squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, and more, is to create a wildlife exclusion situation.

Wildlife exclusion is the technique of excluding them with a one-way door or tunnel.

Wildlife animals tend to go in and out of the home or building several times daily to search for water and food rather than return for warmth and comfort. The door lets them out but does not let them back in.

Several steps must be taken to ensure this is done correctly. Below we list a few.

  • The area must be thoroughly inspected to ensure no babies will be left behind. For example, if left inside, a mother raccoon will continuously chew at your home to get to her babies.
  • All other entry points must be sealed off.
  • Knowing the best time of year to exclude wildlife animals from the residence or commercial building is vital. For example, the early summer is the bat’s maternity season lasting between six to nine weeks. During this time, the attic is full of baby bats that cannot fly yet. Once the babies can fly and leave, the exclusion can be done.  These roosts are called maternity roosts. Sometimes groups of bats will return to the same site yearly; therefore, wildlife exclusion with one-way doors is vital.

Why Consider Wildlife Exclusion

By constructing one-way doors and tunnels, there is no direct contact with the wild animals; therefore, the risk of bites, scratches, and contracting a disease is minimal.

Trapping some wild animals can be challenging; this technique allows for a safe way for the animals to leave the structure and stay within the outside territory they are familiar with.

Specializing in Wildlife Exclusion with One-Way Doors

Although the wildlife exclusion technique may seem easy, the additional factors we listed above, such as a full inspection, time of year, sealing off all other entry points, and more, must be considered in a full assessment.

Having this technique completed by a professional specializing in wildlife exclusion is vital to ensure the health and safety of the homeowner’s family, friends, pets, business owners, staff, and visitors.

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