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We know how important your business is to you; we are a Quality Pro accredited company. We ascribe to a higher set of qualifications and standards. We are certified in Food Safety, Schools, and Public Health Rodents. We take your business very seriously and have pushed ourselves to be a cut above the rest by obtaining these certifications. And for this reason, we are your best asset when it comes to protecting your business.

Your business is important to you. Your brand and reputation are what keeps your business going. NJ Pest Control is your partner in protecting your brand and reputation by helping you ensure your business is pest-free. Pests, insects or rodents, can contaminate or damage your supplies, impact your image or even close your business.

We understand that all commercial properties are different, so it is essential to customize an individual treatment plan for each situation.

A restaurant may have concerns about roaches and mice. A warehouse may be concerned about rats damaging or destroying products or supplies. Additionally, an office building may be concerned with birds roosting by the main entrance and bird droppings accumulating. A summer camp may be concerned with ticks and mosquitoes. Regardless of the setting, these situations can put everyone at risk, customers, vendors, delivery drivers and most importantly, you and your employees.

We service all types of commercial accounts from restaurants, schools, industrial, office buildings, strip malls, retail stores and pharmaceutical companies. Call us for a no commitment, no-obligation evaluation of your business now.

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