Safe Pest Control for Pre-K Schools & Childcare Centers

Children are the most amazing little people on the planet. Children make us all a little lighter, and they see the joy in small things. Because they are young, small, and innocent, children need our help and care. One way that we can protect children is to keep them out of harm’s way. Pre-K schools and childcare centers take care of our children and get them ready for school. We want to take care of them by making sure their environments are safe and pest-free. There are strict controls for daycare centers and Pre-K schools regarding pest control.

What Are Pre-K Schools and Childcare Centers?

Childcare or daycare centers are for the care of children between 6 weeks and 4 or 5 years old. Usually, a childcare center has a curriculum for the education of young children. They begin to learn social skills, work cooperatively in a group, sit for small periods, and follow directions. Children at this age also learn a lot through play and exploration.

Pre-K schools prepare students for kindergarten. Pre-K students learn their letters and letter sounds. They also begin to learn shapes and learn to count. There is a specific curriculum for Pre-K students so that they can be ready for kindergarten. Children also practice more social skills, such as taking turns and listening to the teacher. Depending on the program, Pre-K students can attend schools for part of the day or the entire day.

Children and Exploration

There are several things pest control companies need to keep in mind before they service a childcare facility. First, companies need to understand the unique characteristics of young children. They play on the floors and around the walls. They also love to sit on the ground outside or run back and forth along the fences. Children pick up objects and look closely at them, especially if they aren’t sure what they are. Children also put everything in their mouths. There are toys and furniture inside and outside that children will touch or sit on. Children transmit lots of things by touch as well. All of these things make pest control in places where young children are both important and hazardous. However, there are some precautions that pest control companies can take.

What Pest Control Companies Do to Protect Children

There are many things pest control companies can do to protect children. First, companies need to make sure they have read the guidelines for the facility. The company also needs to have certifications in place to work in childcare centers. Often, this means barrier protection rather than pesticides. Experts recommend integrated pest management programs. That means they manage the pests without using chemicals. If contractors need pesticides, they spray them in low doses over a weekend so that they have time to dissipate. By practicing good pest management, pest control companies can guarantee that children are safe and protected. That will allow children to run, play, and explore without worrying about harmful pests or pesticides.

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