A New Kind Of Mosquito Protection

The Thermacell LIV Installed System is the first smart mosquito repellent system of its kind – combining on-demand protection and ease of use for the ultimate backyard installation. LIV provides highly effective mosquito protection for favorite outdoors areas like decks, patios, firepits, pools and hard to treat places by creating a zone of protection where you want it, when you want it..

Customized for Your Home - Each Repeller Provides 20 Feet of Mosquito Protection

For over 20 years, the leaders in spatial technology have been dedicated to their mission of liberating people who love outdoors from the harmful effects of insects.

Thermalcell Protection 1

Creating Your On-Demand Zone Of Protection

Thermalcell Protection 2

1 - Install The LIV System

Place repellers around the outdoor area needing protection.

Thermalcell Protection 3

2 - Turn Your LIV System On

Pressing the smart hub provides low-voltage energy to the repellers.

Thermalcell Protection 4

3 - System Begins To Heat Up

Heat from the repellers starts to disperse trace amounts of repellent into the air, repelling mosquitoes and forming a zone of protection.

Thermalcell Protection 5

4 - Full 20 FT Zones Form

After 15 minutes, the full zone of protection is created, providing 20 ft per repeller.

How It Works

Thermalcell Protection 6

Highly Effective Repellent

Exclusive repellent formula fights the toughest mosquitoes. It's scent-free so will never notice it. But mosquitoes will.

Thermalcell Protection 7


An electric powered smart hub activates the repellers. You can turn on manually with the touch of a button or by phone anywhere.

Thermalcell Protection 8

Durable Built in Repellers

Precisely controlled heat activates the repellent and establishes protection in minutes.

What Customers Say About The LIV System