Ending a wildlife situation if our primary goal. Is a Raccoon in your chimney the problem or is it just the symptom of another issue?

The Experts In Humane Wildlife Control

NJ Pest Control differs from the average pest control or wildlife company because we are certified and insured. As NJ’s only nationally recognized Advanced Certified Wildlife Professionals, we are not merely a company that sets traps and releases nuisance animals, but full-service nuisance wildlife control operators offering advanced solutions to your specific situation/conflict.

When wildlife enters your home they can cause emotional responses ranging from annoyance to fear. Understanding wildlife entry into areas of your home and what they are looking for is key in having a wildlife free home.

Wildlife use Northern New Jersey area homes just as they would a hollow tree. If you think of your home in its base terms – dead wood with a hollow or void -you can understand why they are there…shelter. The wildlife species we most commonly deal with are urbanized, and living off of us.

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Our Methods & Process Matters

Our Four  Point Process

NJ Pest follows a four point process approved by the National Wildlife Control Operator Association (NWCOA) which is…


Identifies wildlife invaders, entry points and damage.


Is the process of removing offending wildlife and NOT random wildlife by proper placement of traps and other techniques.


Is the process of making sure all wildlife has been removed. This is accomplished with a wildlife movement indicator to assure the job is complete and to assure no wildlife is inside of the home when repairs are performed.


Is the process to end future entry into a home with materials and products that are proven to be wildlife proof.


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