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protect your home from pests and wildlife intrusions with a chimney cap

Your chimney is a hole in your roof! You may not realize that what may seem to be a minor addition to your home and not needed can turn out to be a great expense down the road. A properly installed chimney cap can prevent this.

An uncapped chimney says, “Come on in, make yourself at home!” to nesting birds and animals. During the cooler months, the warmth around the chimney is inviting. These unwanted little creatures will build their nests within your chimney making it their home. Large squirrels and birds nests can block the air flow from below causing a back-up of harmful gases back into your home. Not only can this cause smoke and soot damage it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning as well.

Chimney caps also prevent rain, snow, and ice from entering your chimney.  Without a chimney cap, the build-up of moisture can cause deterioration problems such as major cracks which will lead to expensive repairs. Rain, snow, and ice must be diverted away from the chimney. Uncapped chimneys create a fire hazard as burning embers and sparks escape through the open chimney and land on your roof or in your yard. This can cause fires and a large amount of damage.

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