We provide exclusion services for all types of situations, including but not limited to cedar shake, Spanish tile or barrel tile and metal roofs. We also exclude solar panels to prevent bird and squirrel damage, boat docks from muskrat and raccoon damage and all types of bird control.

Solar Panel
Tile Exclusion

Solar panel tile exclusion

Solar panels are a big investment and wildlife can damage the wiring and even the panels themselves. The repairs can be costly, and you can lose the use of your solar panel system for a period of time, until repairs can be made

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Chimney Cap Exclusion

Chimney Caps

Uncapped chimneys can lead to a variety of problems. First many animals and birds will find the open space to build their nests for warmth during the colder months. Uncapped chimneys will also allow for rain, snow and ice to enter. Burning embers also create fire hazards.

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Shed & Deck Exclusion

Shed & Deck

Many animals such as groundhogs, skunks, and raccoons love to burrow under decks and sheds to create their dens. This can be quite a nuisance to any property. High quality, commercial grade exclusion materials are essential to properly keep these unwanted critters away.

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Exhaust Vent Exclusion

Exhaust Vents

Have you ever thought about what can be lurking in your attic and wall vents, dryer vent or perhaps your range hood vent? We all know lint can build up in dryer vents but do you realize that some pests are known to call these vents their home?

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[ ik-skloo-zhuhn ]


an act or instance of excluding.
the state of being excluded.

Physiology. a keeping apart; blocking of an entrance.

“With years of special training, experience, and the right tools to do the job we will assure your protection against destructive rodents, insects, and other pests.”

Exclusion is the ability to prevent wildlife from entering your home. The first step in exclusion is the wildlife consultation. Our wildlife consultations are second to none! We evaluate and inspect your entire home, identifying current and potential entry points. We look at your home in its entirety, not just the area where the entry point or compromise has happened. Imagine, coming home from work and the power is out in your neighborhood, you usually use the garage door remote to get into the garage. No power= No Access. Do you just leave now because you can’t get in? NO, you look for another way in, the front door, side door, back door etc. The wildlife that entered your home will do the same thing, look for somewhere else to gain access, if your home isn’t properly excluded in all areas.

Upon completion of the consultation, you will receive a comprehensive inspection report with detailed information including any areas of concern, to solve your wildlife conflict. A digital copy of this report will be sent usually within 24 hours with pictures taken of your situation.


Our wildlife technicians have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to solve any complex nuisance wildlife situations. We use MADE IN THE USA products that include:

All of our work comes with a lifetime warranty (annual inspections and renewal fees apply).

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