Outstanding customer service! Everyone was polite and professional. They were extremely flexible with the appointment times and arrived promptly at the designated time. The technician was friendly and extremely well versed in his trade. I have the yearly maintenance plan and could not be happier. Outstanding company!


I had the good fortune of having Jon give me a service call today and I couldn’t be happier with the service accommodation knowledge and expertise and professionalism. I would never hesitate to recommend anyone in need of your services and will gladly do so. He explained everything carefully and completely and he’s a credit to your organization as well as his helper Shawn.”

Lane Ferdinand

“I just wanted to thank you for the great service your company provided. Russ sent out a wildlife technician to us the day after I called. Jon told us we had a mama raccoon and babies in our attic and she was fiercely guarding her nest. He handled our problem and even blocked off the are where she came in so it wouldn’t happen again. Your company is very professional and I wouldn’t  hesitate to call you again.”

Phyllis Sylvia

“Great company!  Professional, reliable, and great work. Over the summer I had a squirrel chew through the soffit and was potentially in my attic. Another company placed a one-way trap that was to allow the squirrel to leave and not return.  Although they indicated that the hole would be patched, large chicken wire was left over the hole to “prevent” the squirrel from returning.  The hole and chicken wire looked horrendous and I was concerned the squirrel could re-enter.  I called NJ Pest on a recommendation.  They were fabulous.  They did a complete inspection of the house.  Sealed any opening that pests could enter through and did a professional job on repairing the soffit.  I felt so confident that I also hired them for annual service and spraying for insect control.”

Lisa Glanzel

“I had the good fortune and pleasure of sitting near you at one of the One More Customer Meetup events at the Randolph Diner earlier this summer. You gave me your card at the event, so when I had a wasp problem at my house I called your team. I just want to say how pleased I have been with the customer experience. From Diana who was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful at first contact and went out of her way to expedite a re-visit yesterday when the pesky wasps would not disappear; … to Chris, who was very diligent and friendly with the first treatment; … to Brian, who came out yesterday to dust the wasps and was a super-nice guy. My conclusion is that you fully understand great customer service and have trained and developed your team wisely and to great effect. As a user of home services from a variety of sources, and as a professional who understands good B2B customer service, and as a shopper who has walked out of more stores than you can imagine due to poor service….. I just want to acknowledge that the service your company delivers is rare today, so WELL DONE!”

Colin Taylor

“NJ Pest Control has my unequivocal confidence in their expertise and I highly recommend their services. When I had a major bee infestation in my house and after searching the Internet, I choose a highly rated company, however, this company reneged on a signed contract signed by me leaving me in a lurch. It took this company 8 days between appointments until they showed up at my house to refuse to do the job. Their last statement was “Sorry. Call someone local”  Then I found NJ Pest Control and called them and within 2 1/2 hours their technician removed a bee nest in the ceiling about 16 inches wide and 2 feet in length. No more bees, Excellent job! Well done! Thank you, Mr. Sieb. I am a Vet too. We operate on the same wavelength”

John of Hope NJ

“This was my first time using your company. Your tech Chris was on-time, very nice, explained everything and did a great job getting rid of my large wasp nest. I would definitely use your company again, and recommend you to others.”


“Dana I have a yearly contract with NJ Pest and highly recommend Russ and his company. They are the most trustworthy company I have ever used. Let me know privately if you want more insight on them!” Followed by another comment on the news feed ” We use NJ Pest Control too and find Russ and his team to be very easy and accommodating to work with.”

Stephie Gottdenker Briceno

“We had a terrible infestation of flying squirrels. NJ Pest has really gone above and beyond to address the problem over the last few months. They are friendly, responsive, professional and knowledgeable. I have recommended them to family members and I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.”

Betty Loia

“Had a year service contract. Very satisfied with workability. They rectified our ant and bee problem. The techs were very polite and professional. Veteran owned and that’s outstanding! We will use them for all our pest issues.”

Darrin Boucher

“I have been a customer of NJ pest control for about two years. Any contact I have had with anyone on the phone had been a pleasure. All staff is courteous professional and accommodating to my needs. I initially called them with a bee infestation which was instantly eliminated and I have had no other problems since they have been coming. I look forward to depending on NJ pest control for many years.”

Cindy Coviello – Wharton, NJ

“For the last 3 to 4 years, we have had great success using Russ and NJ pest. They are professional, helpful, and accommodating. Their technicians are also personable and conversational. We will continue to use them going forward!”

Billy McCrystal

“Paula is very courteous on the phone, and schedules service promptly. The technicians are very knowledgeable and helpful at each visit. NJ Pest Control is very thorough. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you for your service!”

Todd Tantillo – Kinnelon, NJ

“I am an attorney in northern New Jersey and one of major areas of concentration is residential real estate. Whenever a client is in need of a pest control company, I gladly recommend to them NJ Pest Control, as I know that the service and quality NJ Pest Control provides is that of the highest level.”

Robert Rosen

“Jon was a pleasure to have at our house today…He took care of our problem and was very professional. Thank you Jon”

James Freda

“I’ve used NJ Pest Control twice and was very happy with my experience. The first time we had a hornets nest attached to the house that they removed, and I also had an issue with an animal that made its way into an opening in our garage. On both occasions, the company was prompt and professional. The problems were resolved, and I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a pest issue”

Commerce Depot

“I have been a client for over 4 years now. Russ and his team do great work year after year. Whenever I call, they are here either the same day or the next day. I highly recommend Russ for all your pest control needs!”

Mona Gomez

“These guys are great–excellent service,
on time, efficient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend using them.”

Cynthia L Swenson‎

“Russ and his staff are very knowledgeable and very punctual. They will not only take care of your pest issues, but they are willing to explain anything and everything about the process and options available. Service was so good on first visit that we now have an annual plan in place. I’m not one to recommend companies to often, but I have already passed NJ PEST CONTROL on to a few of my friends for their current / future needs. If your looking for an upstanding, professional, knowledgeable, and respectful company – this is the one for you! I highly recommend them.”

Scott P.

“BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I EVER RECEIVED! I called NJ Pest at 8am this morning with a pest problem. I HATE bugs and was very upset about it. By noon someone was there to inspect the issue and by 2:30 it was SOLVED. I was very impressed because they asked me what time I was available for them to come! Other similar service companies usually tell me when to be home. I would recommend NJ Pest to ANYONE and EVERYONE.”

Rachel D. – Mt. Tabor, NJ

“I have been with NJ Pest for a few years now. They have taken care of ants in my house, ticks in my yard, mice in my house, and every other pest problem that I have had. Russ immediately responds when called and he knows his stuff.”

Salvatore C. – Rockaway, NJ

“I recently used NJ Pest Control on a recommendation and was very pleased with their service. They were able to send someone right away, which was important to me. They were courteous, reasonably priced and got to the root of the problem quickly. I would definitely use them again.”

Alysa W – Pine Brook, NJ

“Since we moved to our house 4 years ago wasps and other stinging insects have been a problem. Usually we catch the nest when it’s small, maybe golfball size, we spray it with a can of insecticide from Walmart and knock it down. This time somehow we missed a nest and it made it to the size of a cantaloupe! Lots of very aggressive bald faced hornets buzzing in and out of the nest and attacking anyone who had the unfortunate luck to walk by. I had a reaction to a sting once when I was a kid so the idea of dealing with that many hornets was scary. I called around 9:30am and was told someone would be at my house between 3:30 and 4:30. The technician was early (yay!) he quickly identified the pest, explained how he was going to handle it, and even though it started pouring rain he went to work right away and took care of the problem. I was warned there may a few hornets coming back and looking for their nest for the next day or so but that they’d be gone soon. I finally got up the nerve the next day to go out and check things out. I’m happy to say the hornets and their home are gone! I ddi receive a follow up call from the owner to make sure everything was taken care of which was nice. If we ever have a problem again (and I’m sure we will) I’d be happy to do business with this company again.”

Rebecca C. – Landing, NJ

 “Really excellent customer service – if you can believe it, they called me at the exact time I was calling them about a problem…prompt service, a personal touch and great local service…wouldn’t go anywhere else…”

Keith R. – Dover, NJ

“Not only did the technician explain the process, he searched the rest of the house to see if there were other issues.The service was
completed exactly as he promised, including the week later removal of the dead nest.We have three pets, a dog, cat and bird. The product they used was known to be safe for pets”.

Robert E – Randolph, NJ

“I used NJPest Control for pest control services. They check for different insects and do the prevention. I think that they are very confident and they know what they’re doing. They’re really good and they service well. They have good customer relationship. I will use them again in the future.”

Lois P – Paramus NJ

“Russ was competent,reasonable and reliable. Was the only exterminator to answer the phone on a Sunday and show up the
next day. Had a yellow jacket nest in our basement and Russ quickly and efficiently took care of the problem. Will definitely use for future pest control issues.Russ was competent,reasonable and reliable. Was the only exterminator to answer the phone on a Sunday and show up thenext day. Had a yellow jacket nest in our basement and Russ quickly and efficiently took care of the problem.”

Amy L – Newton, NJ

“NJPest Control visited our property today to assist in determining if we had a mouse problem due to noises emanating from our attic.
Member Comments: Very good overall. Russel was on time. He quickly assessed the situation and pointed out a few areas where wildlife could enter the home. He recommended that we address those issue ourselves to save us some much needed $$$ since we are in the middle of an expensive remodel, and cash is in short supply. He was very helpful and honest- although he mentioned various service options – he did not push them on us at all. I’m glad I called Russel”

Brian P – Ridgewood, NJ

“After having an issue with carpenter ants and bees in a prior home, we sought a pest control maintenance program for our new home. Russ (of NJPest) did an inspection of our home and pointed out potential problem areas. . Upon acceptance of agreement, aninitial spraying was quickly scheduled (next day) and the NJPest office kept us informed as to when to expect Russ’sarrival.So far, customer service appears exceptional. Total annual maintenance cost was comparative to others. Russ appears to take a genuine interest in his clients .”

Jerome D – Randolph NJ

“Russ from NJ Pest Control is an incredible exterminator and businessman. He runs his business like a professional, and unlike other people I have met in his field. My wife thought the Thank You card he sent was the nicest thing she had received unexpectedly. These guys are the best.”The finest service you can get, period. They came through when I needed them, fully living up to their guarantee. They also had the best pricing of all area services. Do not go to anyone else if you need pest control. They get my highest rating.”

Dave from Mendham, NJ

“I’m not sure what I expected when I went online to find a company to combat our escalating pest problem. It sure was not the plesant, knowlegable and patient people who are NJ Pest Control. Within six months I no longer had a problem. They worked with my multi-cultural tenants to make sure they knew what to expect and made them feel just as comfortable as they made our company representative. I cannot say enough positive things about this company. Whenever we have a problem at any of our buildings, NJ Pest gets the job done.”

Maria from Passaic, NJ

“I am incredibly pleased with the results of the extermination of the centipedes in my home. I saw immediate results and two months later am still very satisfied. The technician who came to the home was courteous and very professional. I would recommend this company to anyone.”

Yolanda from Dover, NJ

“Very responsive and solved my issues. Team was great and always informed me of when service was going to happen.”

Cindy from Chatham, NJ

“I was extremely satisfied by the service provided by NJ Pest Control. Russ made a point to be sure I was educated about the termite problem I had, the level of service and treatment I would recieve and what to expect every step of the way, even post treatment. For anyone who is looking for thorough, honest and timely service, I would absolutely recommend NJ Pest Control.”

Amy from Manville, NJ

“We were very happy with the personal and quick response from the owner. He took the time to come out and personally explain his procedures to us and we really felt that he was more honest than some of the larger companies we contacted. We will continue to use NJ Pest Control for all future sprays!”

Tracy from Lake Intervale, NJ

“We are more than pleased with the service provided, the gentleman arrived as per given schedule and completed a thorough service in and around the house. He also gave my wife and son, who were home at the time, valuable advice and information. We now have an annual service set up, safe in the knowledge if there are any problems the solution is only a phone call away.”

Steve from Hopatcong, NJ