Childcare Center Pest Control — Keeping Children Safe!

If there is one place you don’t want to have insects, it’s at a daycare center. No parent wants to see an insect crawling around his or her child’s daycare room. If you own a daycare or a preschool, you need to make sure you have school pest control.

Not sure about how to find a pest control company for your school, childcare center, or daycare center? Here are some tips for pest management that will keep your kids safe — and your rooms insect-free.

The Special Pest Control Policy and Procedure for Child Care

The watchword for pest control policies for childcare centers is caution. Most states require integrated pest management (IPM) for all childcare centers, schools, and preschools. Integrated pest management is a method of controlling pests with the idea that pesticides should be the last resort. Instead, the focus is on managing pests through the elimination of environments, security, and management. School IPM-licensed pest control companies make sure they control pests cost-effectively in the least hazardous way.

Ways That QualityPro Schools-Certified Companies Control Pests


We at NJ Pest Control have public health-licensed technicians. The first thing they will do is look at your childcare center. We will do a complete inspection of your facility. We will look at possible entry points into your daycare center. For example, if you have an ant problem, we will figure out how they are getting in. We will come up with a plan to block their entrance and cut off their food supply. That way, we won’t have to control them once they are in the building. We may need to caulk openings by windows and doors or fix cracks to keep ants and other insects out. If we come out each month to do an inspection, we can be proactive in attacking your insect problem.

Pest Management Plan

Once we have inspected your property, we want to develop a pest management plan to protect your customers. We also want to help you protect the image and brand you have worked so hard to build. We can develop a pest management plan specific to your school or childcare center and your needs. We can even give you a checklist that will help you figure out what to do when you spot a pest. The pest management plan would include monthly walk-throughs of your building and grounds. We would practice exclusion as a pest control technique first. That means we would check monthly to make sure your school stays insect-free. We may give you more options for food storage and trash removal, for example.

Organic Pest Control

When we do find a problem with a rodent or an insect species, we will use organic products wherever possible. This is especially important in a daycare center because children put everything in their mouths. We want to control pests without harmful chemicals that would hurt children. If we need to, we can also apply bait, gel, or traps during the hour’s children aren’t in the building. That way, children wouldn’t have access to the building until after any danger posed by the low-toxicity baits has passed. If there are fresh access points, we can seal any cracks or crevices after we service your building.

Do you have a childcare center? Are you worried about controlling pests in your preschool, childcare center, or school? We can help you develop a comprehensive plan to keep your investment as clean and safe as possible for children. Let us come out and do an inspection of your childcare center. Contact NJ Pest Control in Randolph, New Jersey. We would love to help you grow and expand your daycare center, childcare center, or preschool.

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