Fleas Hunker Down In Homes During The Winter

Do Fleas Die in the Winter? How to Manage a Flea Infestation in NJ

Are you one of the many who are wondering, “do fleas die in the winter”?

Winter may bring chilly weather and an end to outdoor fun in New Jersey but it does have its perks. For one, fleas seem to disappear outside during the colder months. For NJ Jersey homeowners who’ve been fighting these biting terrors all summer long, this comes as a welcome relief.

Where do these hardy insects go? Do fleas die in the winter, or are they just hiding out somewhere waiting to launch their summer attack? Let’s find out about fleas in winter.

Do Fleas Die in The Winter?

The bad news is that it’s business as usual for fleas in winter, they’re just sticking to more undercover activities to avoid the cold. Most insects die when temperatures dip below freezing, which is above the average low for a New Jersey winter.

That’s why fleas and other insects prefer hanging around inside your home when it’s cold outside. To understand what happens to fleas in winter, you need to know a little more about how their lifecycle works.

The Lifecycle of Fleas

So if the warm temperatures in your home are keeping these bugs alive, where do they go?

It’s humidity that keeps fleas thriving in the summertime. When humidity drops in the winter, they don’t die, but they are less active.

The lifecycle of the flea has four stages i.e. egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. None of these can survive freezing temperatures but the pupae don’t hatch as quickly during the colder, less humid months.

Once the larvae emerge, they aren’t too fazed by milder temperatures either. They hide out in your carpets snacking on whatever they can find until the pupae stage and this is where everything slows down.

Adult fleas can remain inside their cozy cocoon for up to 30 weeks until the increased humidity of summer lures them out. Then the whole process starts all over again.

NJ Pest Control Tips to Beat Fleas

There are three main ways to up your DIY pest control in winter. These are:

  • Continue treating your pets for fleas
  • Vacuum the places where your pets hang around
  • Wash all your pet’s blankets, towels, and soft toys on a high temperature

If you have carpet in your house, a thorough steam cleaning will help to kill flea eggs and larvae.

Unfortunately, you can never guarantee that you’ll kill every single one. It only takes two fleas to start the process all over again. Each adult flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day!

By far the best way to deal with fleas is to get a pest control expert to treat your home against these hardy pests.

Beat Back the Bugs in New Jersey

Do fleas die in the winter? On our watch they do.

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Most importantly, NJ Pest Control has the tools to get rid of fleas at any time of the year. Get in touch if you’d like to enjoy a flea-free environment from now on.

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