Tips for Rodent Control in the Winter

With the coming of winter, you may be rejoicing. The cooler temperatures mean the death of many an insect. However, just because it is getting colder in New Jersey doesn’t mean you won’t have insects in your house. There are common house insects in winter, which you still need to manage. Cold weather pest control often means you need to watch out for rodents also. Is pest control needed in the winter? It is, and here’s why rodent control is important.

Rodents: One of Nature’s Most Annoying Winter Pests

One pest you may not think about in the wintertime is rodents. Rats and mice don’t fly south in the winter, and they don’t die out when the temperature changes. In fact, mice and rats can make a nice home in your house during the winter. Your house has all the ingredients a rat or mouse needs to survive. There’s food, water, places to hide, and nesting material, which makes it a convenient place to stay.

Of course, no one wants to have house guests of the rodent variety during the winter. If rodents have made a home in your house, here are some tips for rodent control.

Tips for Rodent Control

Keep Food Protected

The first step to eliminating rodents in your house is to get rid of any food sources. Make sure you store your food in hard, plastic containers. That way, rodents can’t gnaw their way into them and cause you problems. Also, you need to store dry goods, such as cereal, rice, and flour, off the floor of your pantry to keep rodents out. If you cut off their food supply, that rat or mouse might be happy to spend Christmas elsewhere.

Make sure you’re thoroughly cleaning your kitchen each night. There is nothing a rat or mouse likes more than foraging in your kitchen for crumbs left on plates. Lots of plates on the counter mean rodents have a feast right in front of them. If you’re running a full load of dishes in the dishwasher and you have dishes left over, leave them soaking. That way, there’s nothing for mice and rats to feast on.

Guard Your Trash, Too

You may think your trash is horrible and stinky, but to a rat or mouse, it’s manna from heaven. Your trash is both a source of food and a breeding ground for insects and rodents. It doesn’t matter if your trash is inside or outside; you need to make sure you seal it properly. Your indoor and outdoor trash cans should come with tight-fitting lids that mice and rats can’t breach. Also, make sure you take the trash out of your house regularly. That way, the smell doesn’t get out of your trash can and into your house. The smell of trash is like ringing the dinner bell for rodents. You need to seal your outside trash cans. You also need to keep the area around them clean, so you don’t tempt the rats and mice.

A Clean House Is Next To…

Whoever coined the expression “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” didn’t want rodents in his or her house either. If your house is clean, rats and mice are less likely to make a home there. They feel more exposed in a clean house. Make sure you vacuum and dust weekly. Pick up any clutter and keep it out of the way. If there are no places for a mouse or rat to hide, it’ll move on to the next house.

If you’re worried about winter pests, why not schedule a winter visit from a pest control company? We can check out all your living spaces and help you decide on a course of action. With our help and tips for rodent control, you could be rodent-free for the holidays!

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