Pest Removal Services in North NJ

Pest Removal Services in North NJ

So What’s Bugging You?

If you have landed on this page, something must be bugging you. Are you searching for pest removal services in North NJ? If so, you are at the right place.

NJ Pest Control offers dependable, effective and integrated pest management solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, schools, restaurants, municipal building customers and more. We are located in Randolph, New Jersey and are happy to serve those in need of pest removal and control services in northern New Jersey.

Do You Have One Pest or an Infestation?

While seeing one mouse running through the room may get a laugh from one person and a scream from another, seeing any type of pest should never be taken lightly. Let’s face it; their presence can come at a risk to the family and pets. A roach, a rodent, any of these can spell trouble. In addition, as they show up uninvited, they bring unsanitary conditions and can spread disease.

As you may see, one pest is often followed by more, leading to a pest infestation. So, it is crucial to contact a professional pest control company to get immediate removal and control services, whether you see one, two, three or more.

Who We Are

At NJ Pest Control, we offer one-time removal services or long-term management strategies to the utmost in protection and control. In addition, we use a combination of tactics to keep costs low with little or no effect on the environment whenever possible. Our goal is to educate our property owners and provide a customized approach for pest elimination while delivering outstanding customer service.

As a veteran-owned and operated company for the past 20 years, NJ Pest Control has recently become the first company nationwide to be awarded the Quality Pro® Public Health Rodents and Mosquitoes award.

NJ Pest Control is also a GreenPro certified pest control company committed to providing clean, green, and low-risk pest management services. To date, only 1 percent of all pest control companies in the United States have obtained GreenPro certification, and we are proud to say our New Jersey-based NJPest Control is one of them.

What We Do

  • Identification of pests and their hosts
  • Establish a plan of action
  • Set up monitoring guidelines for each type of pest
  • Evaluation and implementation of control tactics
  • Assessment and documentation of the results

Contact NJ Pest Today For Your Pest Removal Services in North NJ

At NJ Pest Control, we are ready to address your pest removal and control concerns. We will provide you with our high-quality service and use of our environmentally-friendly approach to pest control. Please get in touch with us here. Let us stop what’s bugging you and get those little critters packing.