Pest Control for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Pest control for schools is vital

Pest management in schools presents a particular problem. On the one hand, you want to make sure your school is as bug and critter-free as possible. You need to use the least amount of pesticide that you can because schools are full of children.

If you are an administrator at a school, college or university, you are aware of the importance of pest prevention. How do you fight pests without all the harsh chemicals that pesticides have? Here are some answers for pest control for schools, colleges, and universities.

Pest Management in Schools

Schools represent a unique challenge for pest control providers. That’s because schools offer a lot of things that pests love. There is always a lot of food around. Children often leave crumbs when they eat, and older students eat all over the high school or college campus. The cafeterias contain plenty of food. There is also a lot of water around — from water fountains to sinks to bathrooms. Because schools are large buildings, there are plenty of places for pests to hide.

Mice and Rat Control in Schools

Rodent control in educational facilities is particularly difficult. Rodents are more intelligent than insects and just as adaptable. Like bugs, rodents are looking for little snacks to eat, water to drink, and a warm place to stay. Schools, colleges, and universities provide all that. They are even more difficult to keep pest-free than the average house. There are usually hidden and forgotten treats that children leave behind. Also, rodents can make nests in materials schools seem to have in abundance. From the art room to the lost and found closet, there are many places they can hide and keep warm. Even a leaky pipe in the gym or bathroom can provide water. Schools, colleges, and universities have all the resources rodents need to hide and breed. It is also easy for rodents to get in because they can squeeze through very tiny spaces.

It is not hard to understand that rats and mice can cause serious issues for schools, colleges, and universities. A school infested with rats or mice must shut down because rats and mice are health hazards. They carry diseases, such as the bubonic plague, hantavirus, hemorrhagic fevers, leptospirosis, and salmonella. All these diseases are serious and even life-threatening. It is really important that schools, colleges, and universities practice pest prevention techniques.

How to Prevent Pests

There are several things that schools can do to prevent pests. First, they must seal any hole or crack. That way, rodents that are outside will have a harder time getting in. They must check classrooms for any hidden food and clean them daily. The facilities must also fix leaky pipes that could provide sources of water for the rodents. They must keep the bathrooms clean and manage and empty the trash. Administrators must practice mouse and rat control in their schools, colleges, and universities, and minimize the use of pesticides. That way, the pests will stay outside, and children can enjoy being inside.

If you are a school, college, or university administrator, we know you worry about controlling pests. You should consider using NJ Pest Control. We are school IPM licensed, and QualityPro School certified. We are also public health licensed, so we know how to control pests and protect food supplies.

We know the importance of pest control for schools, colleges, and universities and know how important protecting teachers and children are. Children require extra care and attention from everyone, including pest management. We can help administrators protect their institutions’ images and brands. Contact NJ Pest Control today. Let us help you come up with a plan to keep your educational institution free of pests and rodents.