Pest Control for Warehouses, Protecting Products, and Supplies


There have been jokes made about warehouses for years. There are also scenes in movies suggesting how long a package may sit in a warehouse. Remember that final scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark?” The warehouse worker takes the huge crate containing The Ark down the corridors filled with millions of other boxes. That was, of course, movie fiction. The reality is logistics and warehousing have changed drastically. Boxes aren’t stored and forgotten. In fact, now logistics is something every warehouse manager must consider. Inventory control, supply chains, the handling of materials safely, hazards, and tracking packages are just a few issues managers face. One problem no warehouse manager wants to handle is pest control.

If you allow pests into a warehouse, the outcome can be disastrous. In fact, if the infestation is bad enough, you could lose all your inventory. This is especially true if you want to maintain pest control in a food warehouse.

Do you need to keep warehouse bugs under control? Here are some suggestions for pest control for warehouses.

The Problem with Warehouses

While it’s difficult to keep pests out of any large space, it’s especially challenging in large warehouses. That’s because, in any large building, such as a warehouse, there are many places for bugs to set up shop. Pests can live and breed in cracks and crevices. Sometimes, there are spaces under shelving or dark corners where pests live and breed. Pests can live nearly anywhere within a warehouse. It’s particularly difficult to keep pests out of food warehouses. In addition to dark corners and cozy spaces, there’s a ready supply of food.

Pests present a particular challenge for warehouses. They can damage your inventory, but they can also damage the equipment you use. They can chew holes through electric wiring and other parts of the building as well. As a result, they leave holes in the walls. Because warehouses are so big, it’s difficult to monitor them effectively without help.

How Pest Control Specialists Can Help

In a warehouse, pest control specialists aren’t just an expense. They are an asset and a partner for the warehouse manager. They can analyze the warehouse and figure out where pests are more likely to hide. They can train warehouse staff to notice the telltale signs of invasions and implement techniques for prevention. They can also work with managers to come up with a pest control action plan. Action plans and warehouse pest control checklists help managers prevent pests. This is the key to pest control in warehouses. If warehouse managers and their employees can spot pests early, pest control specialists can protect products and supplies. Effective pest control leads to protection of your good reputation, your image, and your brand.

Finding the Right Pest Control Specialist

If you’re looking for a pest control specialist, you need to find a company that has warehouse pest management experience. This is important because each warehouse is different. Pest control specialists who work in warehouses must be aware of management protocols in warehouses. There are specific guidelines for inventory control, and what they can and can’t use to manage pests in a warehouse. This is very important if you have a food storage warehouse. Spraying the wrong pesticide near food is likely to get the entire shipment tossed for contamination. This could cost food warehouse owners millions of dollars in lost inventory. A good pest control company for warehouses works with your team to come up with effective strategies. The specialist can make suggestions to help keep your inventory moving in a pest-free environment.

Are you a warehouse owner or manager? Are you looking for a company that can help you manage warehouse pests? We are up to the job, no matter how big your warehouse is. Contact NJ Pest Control today, and let us partner with you for a cleaner, safer warehouse.