Humane Wildlife Animal Removal & Control, Morris County NJ

Local wildlife removal can be a challenge if you live in Morris County, especially if you have noticed that more than one type of animal is on your property. While some extermination methods will rid your yard of pests that involve killing animals, there are also humane pest removal options. If you are looking for safe and harmless humane wildlife animal removal services that are still effective, these suggestions could prove helpful.

Baits and Traps

Most creatures that infiltrate residential areas except for moles and tiny rodents are removed from the property using the live trapping method. The traps do not harm or injure the animal.

For tiny rodents, you can set up the traps yourself. Once trapped contact a Pest Control expert to get the animal off your property as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours). The quick removal time increases the chances that the creature does not suffer or die in the trap. This keeps within state mandates since animal control companies are not allowed to keep an animal in captivity for more than 24 hours. The trap or cage is wrapped in cardboard for when trapping larger wildlife animals like groundhogs, skunks, and raccoons. Cardboard wrapping prevents the animal from seeing long distances or being exposed to the sun. This will help keep the critter calm while you wait for animal control specialists to arrive.

Animal Removal

If you have already trapped the wildlife animal or the pest control company has trapped it for you, the critters are taken from your property and transported to a location that is at least 10 miles from your home. The distance decreases the chances that the animals will return to your yard. Most animals will not scavenge or hunt for food more than 10 miles from their current location.

Unfortunately, there are some cases when an animal needs to be put down. For instance, feral cats are not allowed to be released back into the wild because they carry disease. They have to be killed humanely. Also, wildlife animals that are rabid or cannot be appropriately contained without compromising the safety of humans. If our company, NJ Pest Control, has to do this, we will complete the process according to New Jersey law. If it is possible to keep the animal alive, professional animal, control companies will implement state-sanctioned methods for containing the animal.

Rodenticide and Kill Traps

Kill traps and chemicals to kill rodents are the most effective methods for pest control in some instances. Humane traps are not useful for catching rats and mice. The rodents have to be eliminated with rodenticide. These animals reproduce quickly and can infest hidden parts of the home that you may not always be aware of. There are also animals that have to be kill-trapped to stop being a nuisance on your property. If you have a muskrat problem, a kill trap is the best option for pest removal. Kill traps may also work best for raccoons and groundhogs, since, like muskrats, are trap shy. Being trap shy means that the creature has been trapped before and has either escaped or been released from the trap previously. Animals that are trap shy can spot traps more readily than other creatures and know not to enter the cages.

Contact NJ Pest located in Randolph, NJ servicing Morris County and beyond when you are ready to get expert pest removal services. We provide Humane Wildlife Animal Removal & Control to remove and control wildlife animals from your yard safely and effectively. Contact us by phone or online to learn more about our company and get detailed and informative reviews about our business. When you contact us, we will answer any questions you have about the wildlife animals that are common in your area. We can also explain the traps and methods that are used to keep creatures off your property for years to come.