2019 Summer Bugs to Be Aware of in NJ

Ah, summer. That magical time for vacations, lemonade, outdoor living, and great barbecues. People in New Jersey look forward to summer living. And, why wouldn’t you? Summer is the best time of year. People are more relaxed, and you have more time to spend with the people you love.

We should remember one thing, however. While we are outside enjoying the fresh air and warm temperatures, so are the bugs. They’re out to enjoy you — or, at least, your food and beverages. So, what kind of bugs should we worry about in New Jersey during the summer? We have some current insect news for you. You need to be on your guard for these pests.

Those Pesky Ants

With the summer season comes cookouts and picnics. We spend a lot more time outdoors eating and drinking on our patios, by the grill, or at poolside. This all sounds great. However, don’t look now. The ants are coming. You will find several species of ants in New Jersey.

Pavement Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Others

Entomologists estimate both pavement ants and carpenter ants came to New Jersey on ships from Europe. You can find both species around your house. Pavement ants love the concrete on sidewalks, porches, and your house’s foundation. Researchers have found huge colonies of ants around foundations. Carpenter ants are a bit different. The characteristics of these insects include chewing on the wood around your house and yard. Neither one is good for your property.

There are other species of ants in New Jersey. Farrow ants, little black ants, and odorless ants can cause problems with your food supply. Because they are so small, they’re likely to get into your dry goods and ruin them. No one wants to walk into his or her home and see ants running all over the countertops.

Those Poisonous Insects

One of the most prevalent insects in the news in 2019 is the carpenter bee. A carpenter bee is a real menace because of the amount of damage it can cause. Carpenter bees are out in force from early May through the Fourth of July. Many people leave carpenter bees alone. They look very similar to honeybees. However, these bees are dangerous and can damage your home. Carpenter bees burrow into wood. If your house has wood on it, such as decking, it’s at risk. If left untreated, carpenter bees can cause real damage. The holes they make in the wood can lead to it cracking or breaking.

While carpenter bees are definitely a nuisance, they aren’t the biggest issue. Poisonous bees, wasps, and hornets are far greater problems. Of course, no one wants to get rid of the honeybee. It is vital to our fruits, vegetables, and trees because it carries pollen. However, wasps and hornets aren’t pollinators. There are dozens of species of wasps and hornets in the state. You need to control them because they can cause problems for you if they sting, especially if you are allergic. Another bug to watch out for is the cicada killer wasp. While it doesn’t sting humans, it does bore holes in your yard.

Other Pesky Bugs

There are a few other 2019 summer bugs you need to be aware of in New Jersey during the summer. From early May through October’s first freeze, fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are prevalent. If you have a dog or cat, you’re most likely already aware of fleas and ticks. Because they’re disease carriers, it’s vital to control both. Mosquitos are a summer annoyance. Therefore, you must control them as well. They carry diseases, such as Lyme disease.

Are you concerned about bugs in your home or in your yard during the New Jersey summer? Contact NJ Pest Control. We can come to your house and do a comprehensive check. We’ll find your problem bugs and take care of them. That way, you can rest assured your summer will be better and bug-free of those 2019 Summer Bugs. Why not give us a call today, and let us put your bug problems to rest?