How To Get Rid of Animals Under Your House

What to do if an animal is under your house

Do you have a sneaky critter crawling under your house? Every animal needs food, water, and shelter to survive, making your home a great potential nest. Some animals will even burrow under your house or hide far away from potential predators in your crawlspace.

So, what do you do about animals living under the house?

Keep reading to learn how to identify nearby wildlife and how to get rid of animals under the house.

Signs of Animals Under Your House

Before you try to remove wildlife, you should confirm that animals are living under the house. Looking for signs can also help you determine what animal you’re dealing with.

The signs will depend on the animal, but here are some common signs to look for:

  • Droppings
  • Nesting materials
  • Squeaking noises
  • Burrow holes
  • Gnawed wood
  • Pungent Odor

These signs can indicate that animals either are or were making themselves at home under yours. 

How to Get Rid of Animals Under the House

Removing animals can be a tricky process. So before you begin, remember to prioritize your safety.

Don’t touch any animals, dead or alive, and don’t mess with their home if you find them. Animals can carry contagious diseases, and many of them hold deadly bacteria in their urine and fecal matter.

Now, let’s look at the basic steps you can take to drive wildlife out:

  • Identify the animal and hideout if possible
  • Set baited traps
  • Use constant noise like a radio near their hideout
  • Place a rag with a strong-smelling solution like apple cider vinegar near their hideout
  • Put bright lights near their hideout
  • Call for pest control services

Live traps are an effective, humane way to get rid of wildlife around your home. Once you trap them, make sure to set them free in an area away from other houses and far enough that they can’t find their way back. It is always highly recommended to call for pest control services to remove live animals for you safely and efficiently.

As you can see, most removal methods rely on knowing the animal’s location. If you can’t locate their hideout and reside in New Jersey, NJ Pest Control can perform an inspection and provide removal, monitoring, and prevention services.

How to Prevent Animals Under the House

Preventing animals is a necessary step in wildlife management. If animals have deemed your home habitable, they’ll likely come back.

Walk the perimeter of your home to find any holes in your crawlspace or around your foundation. Search for loose concrete or rotted wood. Locate their point of entry and plug it up to prevent future dwellers.

NJ Pest Control also provides exclusion services personalized to your situation. Our experts know how to prevent future wildlife issues.

When to Contact NJ Pest Control

If you suspect an infestation, follow our quick guide above on how to get rid of animals under the house.

Remember to be careful around wild animals, especially near their hiding spot. Some animals may react aggressively or carry dangerous diseases.

Contact NJ pest control if you discover wild animals under your home and don’t know where to start. At NJ Pest Control, we have the expertise to remove wildlife throughout northern New Jersey and beyond.