Wildlife Removal and Control Services

Wildlife Removal and Control Is A Must!

Whether you live in the suburbs, the heart of a metropolitan area or in a rural community, you may encounter wildlife on your property at some point. Luckily, NJ Pest Control can get these wildlife animals off your property before they continue to ruin your garden, lawn or even your home. Some wildlife also carries diseases and viruses that could be dangerous for your family if you’re exposed to the animals. If you see rodents, wild animals or exotic insects on your property, here are some things you should know about having these critters effectively removed.

Wildlife Control Supplies

There are a few supply options wildlife control professionals use to remove creatures from a residential or commercial space. Traps are one of the best ways to capture wildlife like squirrels, rats, skunks, and mice without killing them. There are several humane traps that detain the animal without injuring the creature.

Lures and baits can also be used to attract wildlife, so they can be properly caged or contained. Certain food that the animal enjoys or an appealing toy may be used to lure small woodland creatures. Excretions and urine from other animals can also be used as bait for creatures that are carnivores. If the animals smell the scent of animals they naturally hunt, they will go to the scene of the scent. This makes it easier for wildlife professionals to capture the animals and transport them off your property.

There are also special luring items for larger animals like bears and bobcats. These creatures will sometimes live or travel through the wooded areas and forests near your front or backyard. If you’re having a hard time getting birds off your property, audible deterrents could be effective. When the birds hear sounds that they associate with danger or displeasure, they are more likely to stay away from your lawn.

Pest Control

One effective way to make sure your property isn’t overwhelmed with wildlife is to use pest control methods. Some wildlife will be attracted to your yard if small insects and other pests are prevalent in the area. If you can get rid of these pests, which serve as food sources for animals, you can reduce the number of animals in your yard. For instance, skunks eat insects. If you have large bugs in your yard, you may notice more skunks are appearing on your property. The skunks will get rid of the bugs for you, but then you’ll be left with more skunks in the yard. With pest control, you can rid your yard of both the insects and the skunks. There are environmentally friendly chemicals that can be used to drive pests out of hidden places in your yard. The chemicals can also reveal where insects or pests may be hiding in your home.

Finding the Right Wildlife Control Company

Contact NJ Pest Control for more information on wildlife removal and control in your area. Our qualified team is happy to help make your home healthier and safer. If you live outside the New Jersey area and want to find out more about wildlife removal and control services, simply search “wildlife control near me.” If you are located within our service area, we provide a variety of effective and environmentally friendly methods to get rid of wildlife. You can reach us online or via phone to set up a consultation and/or appointment.