What To Do If You Encounter a Raccoon On Your Property

Raccoon Encounters: What to Do If You See a Raccoon

Raccoons are clever, adaptable creatures known for their mischievous antics and dexterous paws. While they may seem cute and harmless, encountering a raccoon in or around your property can lead to potential risks and problems.

Knowing what to do when you encounter a raccoon on your property is vital. In addition, enlisting a professional pest and wildlife removal company like NJ Pest Control is crucial to ensure both human safety and the well-being of these animals.

Increasing Prevalence of Raccoon Encounters

Over the years, raccoon encounters have become more frequent due to several factors. Urbanization and habitat destruction have pushed raccoons to adapt and thrive in human-populated areas. Food availability, such as unsecured garbage bins and pet food left outside, further attracts raccoons to residential neighborhoods. As a result, homeowners and business owners have become more susceptible to raccoon sightings and the associated risks they bring.

Recognizing the Signs of a Raccoon Presence

Identifying a raccoon’s presence is essential to take the appropriate action promptly. Signs of raccoon activity include knocked-over trash cans, scattered garbage, torn roof shingles, and distinctive paw prints. Additionally, raccoons are nocturnal creatures, so sightings during the daytime can indicate potential health issues or diseases.

Dangers of DIY Raccoon Removal

When homeowners encounter a raccoon on their property, their instinct may be to handle it themselves. However, attempting DIY raccoon removal can lead to various risks and complications. Raccoons can become aggressive when they feel threatened, and their bites and scratches can transmit diseases like rabies. Moreover, improper handling can harm the raccoon or its young, leading to ethical and legal concerns.

What To Do If You Encounter A Raccoon On Your Property

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Pest and Wildlife Removal Company When You Encounter a Raccoon

Engaging a professional pest and wildlife removal company, such as NJ Pest Control, is the safest and most responsible course of action when dealing with raccoon encounters. The wildlife removal and control team at NJ Pest Control has the expertise and experience to handle raccoon removal efficiently and humanely.

The following are some key reasons when you encounter a raccoon as to why hiring our NJ Pest Control professionals is paramount.

Safety First

At NJ Pest Control, our experts prioritize human safety above all else. We have the knowledge and tools to handle raccoons safely, minimizing the risk of injuries and disease transmission.

Ethical and Humane Treatment

At NJ Pest Control, we follow ethical guidelines in dealing with raccoons. We use humane trapping methods to capture raccoons and then release them back into their natural habitats once the issue is resolved.

Prevention and Exclusions

In addition to removing the raccoons, we also address the underlying issues that attracted them in the first place. We provide recommendations and solutions to prevent future raccoon encounters, such as securing garbage bins and sealing entry points.

We also install the proper exclusion techniques so the raccoons cannot get back in once they leave the premises, for example, the attic.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our trained professionals are knowledgeable regarding raccoon behavior, biology, and habits. This allows them to devise effective strategies for raccoon removal and control.

Compliance with Regulations

Various regions have specific laws and regulations governing the removal and handling of wildlife. NJ Pest Control technicians are well-versed in all New Jersey pest and wildlife regulations, ensuring that the removal and control methods provided are legally compliant.

Insured and Certified

Our NJ Pest Control company carries the proper insurance, providing liability coverage in case of any unforeseen accidents or damages during the removal process.

In addition, our company and technicians are certified by many organizations such as Quality Pro, NPMA Quality Pro, NWCOA Zoonotic Standards Certified, New Jersey Pest Management Association, and National Wildlife Control Operators Association,

The Process of Professional Raccoon Removal

When hiring a professional wildlife removal company such as NJ Pest Control, the process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Inspection: Experienced technicians thoroughly inspect the property to identify the extent of the raccoon infestation and the entry points.
  2. Trapping: Humane traps are strategically set to capture raccoons without causing them harm.
  3. Removal: Once trapped, raccoons are safely and ethically removed from the property and brought to a place where they will thrive.
  4. Repairs and Exclusion: Technicians perform necessary repairs to seal entry points, preventing future raccoon access.
  5. Prevention: Wildlife experts advise homeowners and commercial property owners on measures to minimize the likelihood of future raccoon encounters.

So, What Do You Do When You Encounter a Raccoon on Your Property?

Encountering a raccoon on your property can be unsettling, but it is essential to respond wisely and responsibly. Opting for a DIY approach can lead to dangerous situations for humans, your loved pets and raccoons. Instead, entrust the task of raccoon removal to a professional pest and wildlife removal company, NJ Pest Control.

We possess the expertise, ethical practices, and commitment to safety required to handle such situations effectively. By prioritizing the safety of humans and wildlife, hiring NJ Pest Control ensures a harmonious coexistence between humans and raccoons while safeguarding properties from potential damage and health risks.

We hope we have answered your question about what to do when you encounter a raccoon on your property, and contact us today.