Raccoon Removal: Who To Call?

Raccoon Removal: Who DO YOU Call?

Did you know that the raccoon population in the USA is increasing rapidly, with reports of “raccoon vandalism” on the rise? These clever critters are omnivores that can live off of all kinds of food types and garbage, making it easy for them to multiply. And one raccoon can cause a lot of damage to property, both inside and out.

Do you have a furry friend that’s making a nuisance of himself? If this scenario sounds familiar to you, now is the perfect time to learn more about living pest-free again.

Read this guide to know who to call when you need raccoon removal services.

Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

First things first: do you see signs of a raccoon infestation in your home or on your property. Because raccoons are primarily nocturnal, you will notice noises in your attic or other areas at night. You may also smell new odors from their scat and find scratch marks in your yard or around the house. At times they can be found out in the daytime. Many of us associate a raccoon out in the day as being rabid. This is not always true.

Should You Call Animal Control?

If you see a raccoon that appears sick or wandering dangerously around your neighborhood, you may decide to call your local Animal Control. They will not remove a raccoon on your property or in your home; however, if an animal looks dangerous and poses a threat to the public, they will appropriately assist you.

The raccoon removal cost associated with the local animal control in most states depends on the situation, so ask questions in advance to establish that before they arrive. To be safe, contact a local professional wildlife removal company to get more information about what to do.

Don’t DIY

Please do not attempt to catch the raccoon yourself since it could be dangerous. Raccoons can spread zoonotic diseases, which can lead to illness and even death in humans and pets. These germs and viruses can spread through direct and indirect contact, which means it’s better to leave the critter removal to the pros. 

Call a WILDLIFE Raccoon Removal Company 

If you were wondering how to remove raccoons the right way, the answer is simple: call a professional wildlife removal company! They will have the knowledge and experience to safely and humanely trap the raccoon. The raccoon removal cost is not expensive compared to the health risks and is worth every penny to have the job done right. 

Ready To Be Raccoon-Free? 

Now that you’ve learned all about raccoon removal services, you can be proactive and get professional help. Remember, though raccoons may look cute, they are wild animals and should never be approached on your own. Instead, call a professional company to come to trap and get rid of your pesky pest. 

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