Mosquito & Tick Control | Morris County, NJ

Mosquito & Tick Control | Morris County, NJ

Mosquitos can be a huge problem, especially in the spring and summer months. These annoying invaders feed on human blood and cause hurtful bites. Mosquitoes can also carry infection and diseases, which could pose a serious health risk to you and your loved ones. This article explains a few of the ways to try to keep mosquitos away. However, for complete safety and comfort, it is always recommended to hire a professional pet control company. For mosquito control backyard methods, you can count on NJ Pest Control to ensure that your backyard gatherings are safe and pest-free.

Best Way to Control Mosquitos

If you are looking for ways to control and get rid of mosquitos on residential and commercial properties, there are a few methods to consider. If you are having a picnic or barbecue, you can light citronella candles on the outside tables. Citronella repels mosquitos and will reduce the chances that the insects will ruin your get-together. There are also some natural essential oils that you can use to keep mosquitos away, including citrus oils and lavender. Oils that are derived from herbs like basil or oregano are also unappealing to mosquitos.

To treat the yard before spending time outdoors, you can attach your garden hose to a concentrated bug spray and distribute the spray across the lawn. Mosquitos will die when coming in contact with the spray, and the scent could also deter mosquitoes from flying around your property. Bug foggers may be effective as well, but some work better than others. The foggers kill mosquitos on contact. The chemicals in foggers can be dangerous, so it is best to use caution. However, if you are not comfortable with using foggers or bug spray or it has not worked well in the past, it may be time to call a pest control specialist.

Creating a Mosquito-Proof Garden

There are also flowers and plants that will keep mosquitos away. Rosemary is a great plant to use for natural mosquito repellent. Of course, you can also pick the herb and use it to season your favorite foods. Marigolds deter mosquitos as well. These bright flowers can add curb appeal to your property while keeping mosquitos from being attracted to your lawn. However, while these plants can be effective at keeping a few mosquitos from taking over your lawn, they may not solve the problem in the end. All of these flowers can also give the lawn a sweet scent, so you’ll enjoy spending time in your yard more, and may notice that there as many mosquitos around.

Chemicals Used to Kill Mosquitos

One of the most popular chemicals used for mosquito repellent is DEET. This has been used for years. However, recent research indicates that DEET can cause serious health issues and behavioral changes in rats. A number of agricultural specialists also say that the oil found in the catnip plant is more effective at getting rid of mosquitoes than DEET. However, it could take large amounts of this oil to take care of a serious mosquito & tick control problem.

Hiring a Professional is Always Recommended

Contact NJ Pest Control by phone or simply use our online form for mosquito & tick control as well as all of your other pest control needs. Our specialists are happy to answer your questions and listen to your concerns. We have a variety of effective and eco-friendly methods for getting rid of insects and pests. We’ll evaluate your property to determine which pests, rodents, and insects are most likely to invade your property and which treatment methods are best. If you’re in need of mosquito control Morris County NJ specialists, we have all the tools and equipment you need to protect your family. If you are in Morris County or the surrounding counties there is no need to search ‘mosquito control near me’. You are at the right place. To learn more about mosquito & tick control or our companies philosophy get in touch with us today for a consultation.

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