Hunterdon County Pest Control Services

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Hunterdon County pest control exterminators need to be ready to handle a wide range of nuisances. Mosquitoes, termites, and fleas can spread disease, disrupt your sleep, and undermine the integrity of your home. If you’re having problems with pests, call NJ Pest Control and we’ll have them gone. 

Hunterdon County Pest Control Services


Wood-Destroying Insects

Insects that destroy wood can pose an existential threat to your home. These include termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and powderpost beetles. If you suspect a wood-destroying insect infestation, we can inspect your home and identify the nature of the issue. Then, we can terminate them, explain the factors that caused the infestation, and help you prevent it from recurring.

Stinging Insects

Even honeybees can become aggressive if their nest is located on your property. Additionally, beehives can damage the structure of your home. In this event, a respectable exterminator will remove the nest and relocate it somewhere safe. Yellowjackets, wasps, and other stinging insects can be more belligerent and dangerous which makes it essential to remove them.

Wildlife and Rodents

Many small mammals might wander into your property, and they can be particularly difficult to deal with. People often think that raccoons are cute, and while they’re usually shy and non-confrontational, they can attack pets and spread rabies. While raccoons, squirrels, and other animals typically live peacefully alongside us, sometimes it’s necessary to remove them. In this case, we will take humane steps while removing and relocating them.

Common Pests

Most pests in New Jersey only become serious nuisances in unusual circumstances. The most consistently dangerous are those that seek out people to prey upon them, such as the flea and the mosquito. Mosquito-borne disease is a major health concern that Hunterdon County pest control exterminators fight by culling mosquito populations. Mosquitoes are extremely resilient, and the homeowner and exterminator will have to work together to keep them away long term.

Fleas can torment people as well as pets, and they’re difficult to get rid of without an exterminator. Furthermore, they can transfer diseases from wild rodents and stray animals to people and domestic animals. A combination of fumigation and preventative care can prevent fleas from being a frequent nuisance in your household.

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One-Stop Pest Control 

NJ Pest Control is up to any pest control challenge. Traditional concerns such as termite and ant infestations are no problem. However, we’re also accustomed to removing wild animals that often enter residential and commercial areas. 

Green Pro Certification

When it comes to the elite of humane and choosing Hunterdon County pest control services, look no further. Throughout the entire United States, NJ Pest Control belongs to the 1% of pest control agencies that have the exclusive Green Pro certification. We neutralize pests without causing undue suffering or the environmental damage that other exterminators create. 

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