How To Keep Roaches Away

Keep Roaches Away

Are you tired of those pesky little roaches wandering around your home? Would you like to see how to keep roaches away? This article hopes to address your concerns.

Roaches are some of the most persistent and complex to get rid of pests in existence. They infest food and open surfaces, destroy paper and fabric if left unprotected, and cause diseases and allergies. Plus, roaches can leave a foul odor.

Here are a few easy ways to mitigate roach infestations.

Keep Areas Clean

First, keep a clean, tidy house. Secure food sources, clean floors and countertops of food crumbs and spills, and make sure that dirty dishes do not remain in the sink for very long.

You should frequently vacuum as that cleans carpets and crevices of eggs and feces. Make sure that your trash is stored in containers with liners and tight lids. Empty your trash frequently.

Ensure that clutter such as newspapers, magazines, and other things that roaches like to feast on is eliminated.

Block Access

Second, you should try to block ways of ingress to keep roaches out of your home to start with.

Seal cracks in the walls with caulk. Fix water leaks, especially in the attic. Weather seal doors and windows.

Be Careful

Third, you should be careful about using pesticides as they are often harmful to children and pests. Boric acid is a great way to keep the roach population down. It comes in powder form. You can spread it in dark areas, under the sink, for instance, where roaches tend to congregate, out of the way of children and pets. Bait stations are another way to try to control roaches, so long as they are placed out of reach. However, at times these stations just bring more and do not entirely get rid of the problem.

Some people use aerosol sprays or foggers. The idea is that one sets off a fogger in the middle of a room and then leaves the house for several hours. Unfortunately, this method can be dangerous, exposing everyone in the house to toxic residues.

Keep Roaches Away Now

Have we addressed your concerns? Try some of these tips, but unfortunately, roaches can be a challenge, especially if there is already an infestation.

At NJ Peat Control, we want to put your worries at bay and are here to help you with your roach problem. Contact us for our professional roach removal services.