GreenPro Certified Pest Control

GreenPro Certified Pest Control

Are you a stickler for environmentally responsible pest management practices? Even if you are not, it’s time you became one. To find eco-friendly pest management services, look for a company that is GreenPro certified. When you choose a GreenPro certified company, you can be sure its workers are qualified, trained, experienced, and passionate about protecting the environment.

What is GreenPro certification?

GreenPro certification is the most widely recognized certification in the world for environmentally responsible pest management. Developed by QualityPro, the program aims to create a worldwide network of eco-friendly pest control providers who are committed to providing comprehensive, effective, and low-risk pest control services to residential and commercial customers.   Being GreenPro certified means the company complies with all the procedures and systems established by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) through its GreenPro Committee. To obtain (and retain) the GreenPro certification, a pest management company is required to submit independent audits and is evaluated on business practices, such as background checks, reference checks, and drug screening. Also, the company’s managers, technicians, and salespeople must be trained, tested, and certified.

What does GreenPro compliance mean?

GreenPro compliance means providing 100 percent green pest control solutions to customers by strictly following the guidelines established by NPMA. The cornerstone of GreenPro is Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is an environmentally responsible pest management strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests through the implementation of one or more pest removal and control strategies, such as habitat manipulation, biological control, and modification of cultural practices.   To be GreenPro compliant, the treatment should aim to eliminate only the target organism. For example, if the target is termites, then the treatment should only remove termites. Pesticides should be used only after ascertaining they are necessary, and they should be applied in a manner that minimizes risk to humans, pets, nontarget animals and plants, and the environment.


What are GreenPro principles?

GreenPro principles include the following:

  • Implementing IPM strategies, such as removal of food and water sources; habitat modification; cultural control, such as sanitation, crop rotation, manipulating planting/harvesting dates, and using locally adapted or pest resistant varieties; biological control, such as importing, protecting or promoting natural enemies of pests; mechanical control, such as cultivation, trapping, and pest exclusion; and chemical control, such as using pesticides, insect growth regulators, and pheromones. There are six steps in IPM decision making: identifying the pest, determining the severity of infestation, assessing management options, choosing and applying one or more options, measuring the success of the program, and documenting the results.
  • Providing comprehensive pest inspection, monitoring, and documenting services, as well as carrying out follow-ups to ensure the program is effective.
  • Communicating regularly with customers about the progress of the program and its effectiveness, and ways to prevent future infestation.
  • Providing GreenPro training to all employees who provide GreenPro services, as well as to those who interact directly or indirectly with customers.

Thus, a GreenPro certified pest control company is committed to providing a clean, green, and low-risk pest management services to both residential and commercial customers. Customers can identify a GreenPro certified company by looking for the GreenPro logo on its website or in its office. So far, only 1 percent of pest management companies in the United States have obtained GreenPro certification, and New Jersey-based NJPest Control is one of them.   Because of these environmentally responsible pest management practices, why would you choose any other company who is not a GreenPro Certified Pest Control Company? NJ Pest is located in Morristown NJ and can be available to help you with your environmentally friendly pest management. Contact us today to learn more and get started.


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