How To Get Squirrels Out of Garage and Barn

Get Squirrels Out of Garage and Barn Now

Squirrels are fuzzy and cute little critters when you’re watching them run along tree branches, but they can be a troublesome pest in your garage and barn. According to the National Association of Pest Management, a squirrel problem can cause significant damage and pose a health risk to your family. If you have squirrels living rent-free in your garage or barn, it’s time to issue an eviction notice.

Removing squirrels can be tricky. In some cases, you can get rid of them yourself, but many times, squirrel removal requires special tools and tactics that a pest removal professional can provide.

If you’re wondering, “how can I get rid of squirrels in my garage or barn?” read on and learn how. 

What Harm Can Squirrels Cause?

Squirrels are notorious for chewing on everything. Left unchecked, squirrels in your barn or garage will chew on wood, roofing, insulation, and wiring. They can cause thousands of dollars in damages in a short period. 

They’re also very loud roommates. Squirrels love to run about in small spaces, create nests, and make a home. They can also spread germs and carry dangerous diseases. 

DIY Squirrel Removal

If you see a squirrel nest in your garage or hear squirrels in the barn, there are some things you can try to get rid of them yourself. Keep a radio playing loud music in the garage and leave the lights on to drive the squirrels away. Cover any openings leading into your garage or barn to prevent squirrels from moving in and out of their nest. 

You can also use squirrel traps to capture these pests. Once they are in the traps, you can humanely release them into a wooded area. Make sure to take them 15 to 20 miles away from your home to prevent them from returning.

How Can I Get Rid of Squirrels In My Garage if the DIY Approach Fails?

Squirrels are excellent at hiding in small spaces, and trying to get squirrels out of a garage and barn can be tricky on your own. If the loud music, bright lights, and traps aren’t working, it’s time to call in a professional. 

Pest control technicians know how to get rid of squirrels. They use a combination of techniques to remove them and prevent them from coming back. 

Send the Squirrels Packing

Squirrels are so cute and fuzzy you may wonder, “are squirrels pests?” If they’ve taken up residence in your garage or barn, the answer is yes! Squirrels damage building materials and wiring, and they carry germs and diseases.

If you want to know how can I get rid of squirrels in my garage or barn, you can try some DIY techniques like playing loud music or leaving the lights on. But to effectively get rid of squirrels and keep them from coming back, contact the professionals at NJ Pest Control today. We’ll help you get rid of those fuzzy little pests right away.