7 Spring Pest Prevention Tips

April showers bring May flowers… and spring pests. 

Just because the weather welcomes insects and rodents to emerge doesn’t mean they will be entering your home, though. That’s all down to the measures you put in place to stop them. Try these seven tips for spring pest prevention. 

1. Know Who to Expect

Before you can tackle insect infestations, you have to know what you’re up against. Perhaps start with the worst of them.

For instance, springtime brings termites, which mate in swarms. Seeing a cloud of insects should be alarming in more ways than one. If you see a swarm emerging from your home, then you likely have a major infestation already. 

2. Understand Their Aims 

There’s a reason why pests appear at particular times of the year. If you have mice in winter, for instance, they’re probably in search of warmth and food. 

But we’re in spring, which means you have to know why a new round of bugs will head into your home. For many, it’s the same search for food, particularly from ants. Termites, alternatively, want to nosh on your home’s wooden structure.

It’s important to know what pests seek from your home so that you can remove or hide what they want. Storing food securely will keep ants at bay, for example.

3. Inspect the Outside of Your Home

Next, look for openings where insects could sneak in, especially after winter. Home-building materials will expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall. So, your abode could have developed new cracks you don’t know about yet. 

Once you’ve pinpointed any openings, stop insects from sneaking in by filling small cracks

4. Check the Inside, Too

Your spring cleaning session is the perfect opportunity to check for bugs in your home. Pinpoint any damp or dark spots where insects might gather.

Then, inspect the spring decorations you’re unpacking to display. If anything in storage has an insect on it, it could be a clue that you have a larger infestation.

5. Spruce Up the Yard

It’s not just wildlife pest control that you might need in your yard. 

Keeping your lawn manicured means that insects can’t gather under wet leaves, mud or other wintertime debris. Standing water can draw mosquitoes once it’s warm, too. Handling it now can help you have a pest-free spring. 

6. Cut the Clutter

On that note, get rid of any stuff that could serve as a pest hiding spot. We’re talking inside and outside of your home — junk only beckons bugs and rodents to come inside and stay. 

Start by clearing out the areas where they’d be likely to congregate, such as basements and attics. Then, cut the clutter from other areas of your home. It’s spring cleaning time, after all.

7. Call in the Experts For Spring Pest Prevention

Your best bet when it comes to spring pest prevention is to call in an expert for help. We can create a perimeter around your home to protect from pests. We can also get rid of the insects and rodents that you can’t seem to shake on your own.

So, reach out to us today for help as you get rid of pests this spring and beyond.