Winter insects in the house to be aware of

Many people in New Jersey love the winter because the first couple of snowfalls of the year are breathtaking. As the winter rolls on, however, we grow weary of the cold temperatures and constant snow and ice.

One of the nicest parts of winter in New Jersey is that the bug population decreases. We do see a drop in the number of insects in our houses during the winter. However, there are winter bugs that miraculously stay alive. Here is some information about insects that come out as the temperatures fall.

Winter Bugs in the House

Many winter bugs survive in your house by remaining undetected. They find sources of heat through their bodies. When they find heat sources, insects instinctively move toward them. Also, we are not as conscious of possible pests in the winter as we are in the summer. We remember to get rid of our trash and not leave things lying around during the summer. We know that piles of wood attract insects, for example, so we get rid of that pile in the summer. However, in the winter, we want that pile of wood close to our home to use for firewood. Keeping your home neat and tidy is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer.

Winter Insects

Many spiders can stay alive during the winter. The winged insects that are hanging around the lights for warmth are attractive to them. If you change the outdoor light color to yellow instead of white, you can cut down on the spider population. You should also use a broom to rid your house of cobwebs during your fall cleaning. Getting rid of the webs cuts down on spiders in your home.

Another insect that can survive the winter is the cockroach. Cockroaches love the winter. They can curl up in a box of papers in your garage and happily exist during the holiday season. Make sure you have cleaned up and thrown out as much trash and old boxes as you can. Remember that cockroaches love glue — it tastes sweet to them, so throw out old boxes as soon as possible.

You also need to make sure you are controlling that perennial pest of New Jersey, the stinkbug. Stinkbugs, like cockroaches, can stay inside during the winter. They can survive in cold temperatures. Light, heat, and moisture attract stinkbugs. Make sure you fix any faucets that are dripping, both outdoors and indoors. You should also make sure you seal any cracks in the windows and doors.

Other Creatures to Think About

In addition to winter insects, you should also know about the other creatures that call your house home during the winter. Rats and mice can get in through tiny cracks in your doors or windows, so seal up your home. You also need to make sure your trash cans have heavy, tight lids on them. Get rid of cardboard boxes and store your memories in plastic bins instead. You also may want to think about putting a screen on your chimney to discourage pests from climbing into it.

Make sure you prepare for the coming winter season in the Garden State. No one wants to have house guests that will scare your actual guests away. There are horror stories about bugs ruining a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, not to mention the eggnog.

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