Certified Wildlife Management Service in NJ



 NJ Pest Control differs from the average pest control or wildlife company because we are certified and insured. As NJ’s only nationally recognized Advanced Certified Wildlife Professionals, we are not merely a company that sets traps and releases nuisance animals, but full-service nuisance wildlife control operators offering advanced solutions to your specific situation/conflict.

When wildlife enters your home they can cause emotional responses ranging from annoyance to fear. Understanding wildlife entry into areas of your home and what they are looking for is key in having a wildlife free home.

Wildlife use Northern New Jersey area homes just as they would a hollow tree. If you think of your home in its base terms – dead wood with a hollow or void -you can understand why they are there…shelter. The wildlife species we most commonly deal with are urbanized, and living off of us.

Ending a wildlife situation or conflict is our primary goal. Is a raccoon in your chimney a problem or is it just a symptom of the real issue, which is no chimney cap allowing raccoon entry. Are the bats or squirrels in your attic the problem or just a symptom of the construction techniques/materials used that is allowing entry into your home? Repairs or wildlife proofing these areas is key to ending your wildlife situation.

Pheromones and scent trails left by animals in your home can continue to draw more animals to your home once current wildlife is removed.

Education is #1 for us. We are committed to a continuing education program by actively participating in seminars held wherever the best teachers are across the country. Our techs are committed to continually learning, mastering, and utilizing the latest products and techniques in wildlife damage control management. That means they have gone through a comprehensive, challenging, course that tests abilities to properly identify, handle, and transport all species of wildlife. We trap them humanely, so both you and the animal are safe and out of harm’s way, at your home or business.

We have a state certified animal control officer staff and our wildlife control service technicians are certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) as Advanced Wildlife Control Operators and Bat Standards Compliant.  We are GreenPro certified and are committed to providing environmentally wildlife management services.

NJ Pest follows a four point process approved by the National Wildlife Control Operator Association (NWCOA) which is…Inspect, Remove, Monitor and Repair.

*Inspection identifies wildlife invaders, entry points and damage.
*Removal is the process of removing offending wildlife NOT random wildlife this is done by placement and other techniques.
*Monitoring is the process of making sure all wildlife has been removed this is accomplished with a wildlife movement indicator to assure job is complete and to assure no wildlife is inside of home when repairs are preformed.
*Repair is process to end future entry into home with materials and products that are proven to be wildlife proof.

Skipping any of these steps results in issues ranging from incomplete job, wildlife trapped inside of home or future wildlife entry.

Our inspection assessment includes all commonly entered areas of Northern New Jersey homes. Proactively looking at areas that could offer future entry and offering solutions to offer our clients a wildlife free home.

Clients are able to pick and choose the repairs they would like from our evaluations to best fit their needs. However a full assessment is done on each home knowing that scent tracking could lead to future entry issues through un-secured areas resulting in future inspection, removal costs and damage to home.

Rabies Information

“Rabies is a contagious and fatal viral disease of dogs and other mammals that causes madness and convulsions, transmissible through the saliva to humans. Anyone who comes in contact with or gets bit by a rabid animal should contact their local health department and seek medical care. ”