Why hire Veteran-Owned Wildlife Removal, Mount Olive NJ


Over 80% of American homes have some sort of pest problem. So it’s very likely your Mount Olive NJ property does too.

But you shouldn’t have to live with unwanted wildlife in your home or yard. It’s your property, so you should be able to feel 100% comfortable without worrying about a random mouse or rat lurking around the corner.

To get rid of these unwanted inhabitants, you should employ the services of a professional wildlife removal service.

Here’s why you need veteran-owned wildlife removal and control for your property in Mount Olive NJ as well as those living or owning commercial businesses in all of northern New Jersey.

Our Navy History Puts Us a Step Above the Rest

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The owner, Russell Sieb, served during Desert Storm from 1991 to 1992. During his time in the Navy, he learned important life skills, such as perseverance, leadership, and integrity. With all these qualities, as well as extreme dedication, he has built a pest and wildlife removal and control company that continuously strives to provide services that are miles better than the rest.

You can bet that Russ has inspired his staff to be just as passionate and dedicated as he is.

We’re Fully Licensed and Insured

Wildlife removal and control involves some serious hazards, so you want to make sure you’re using a company that’s not only licensed, but also insured. Thankfully, our company is both.

You can trust us to take care of things such as:

  • Mice and rats
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Bats
  • Skunks
  • Snakes
  • Ground Hogs
  • Moles
  • and more

Our team uses methods that are safe for them, you, and the wildlife.

We’re Always Actively Learning

We’re dedicated to learning more about the pest control and exclusion industry, which is why we never stop at acquiring new knowledge.

Our staff regularly participate in both seminars and programs across the country. Technology is ever-evolving, which means new products and techniques keep arriving on the scene. You can count on us to actively learn and master these things to give you the best wildlife control services possible.

Active Members in Groups

Our business is an active member in the following groups:

By being a part of these groups, we’re able to further our connections with the industry and gain even more knowledge to help our customers better.

We Offer Financing

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You deserve to live in a home that’s pest-free without draining your bank account.

This is why we offer financing options from GreenSky. You’ll be able to get financial help so you can get the wildlife removal services you need immediately, without worry.

Get NJ Pest Control to Help You out With Unwanted Wildlife and Pests

If you’re in Mount Olive NJ or the entire northern region, then the wildlife removal company you need to seek out is NJ Pest Control. With our experience, dedication, and safe solutions, we’re more than qualified to help you get rid of wildlife and pests for good.

So say goodbye to pesky wildlife for good and have NJ Pest Control help you out. We’ll definitely impress you with our veteran-owned wildlife removal services!

Are you ready to get effective wildlife removal services? Then get in touch with us now. We can answer any questions or concerns, as well as give you a quote.

We have a long history of serving the New Jersey counties of Morris County • Bergen County • Essex County • Passaic County • Union County • Sussex County • Warren County • Hunterdon County • Somerset County

Get in touch to see if we service your town.