Why Fall Pest Control Is Important

Reasons For Fall Pest Control

Even though the weather is getting cooler, pest control should still be a priority. While the summer brings about certain pests and rodents, pest control should be year-round. There are many insects in New Jersey, including bedbugs and termites that could infest your home during fall and winter. Of course, this could make your home environment uncomfortable. Some pests also pose a safety hazard; preventing pests or getting rid of them can help keep your family protected. Here are reasons for pest control in the winter and practical ways to get rid of fall bugs.

Which Bugs Are Autumn Insects?

Termites are common during the fall season. These insects are mostly seen in the spring and summer. However, certain termite breeds are active in the fall and hatch eggs during the winter. Subterranean termites often infest properties in New Jersey and have yellow backs with clear wings. Termites eat through wood, and can significantly damage your home’s foundation. This can cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

Cockroaches can infest your home as the weather gets cooler. These insects are looking for food and warmth during fall and winter. They can often be found in the kitchen and dining areas. Roaches can also nest in warm, dark areas of the home. Inspect these areas of your property to make sure roaches are not infesting your property.

If you’re traveling this fall or winter, watch out for bedbugs as well. The insects are found in airports and hotels. They are so small you may not notice that they are on your sheets or clothing.

Fall Pest Control Tips

One of the best ways to keep fall pests out of your home is to keep food covered and stored correctly. Use air-tight containers for all food that is not being refrigerated. If you have pets, make sure pet food is properly stored after use, and wash all pet food dishes thoroughly.

If you find there are bed bugs in your home, calling a professional right away is best. These insects are common in New Jersey and appear on bed sheets, luggage, and clothing. Bed bugs are difficult to remove without an exterminator.

Keeping your garbage in tightly sealed cans and sweeping up crumbs can also keep pests from entering your home. Roaches are common during the fall season in New Jersey. These insects can carry food-borne illnesses, so keeping them off your property is best.

Sealing up any cracks or openings around your doors and windows is a practical form of fall pest control as well. You can use a caulking gun to accomplish this, or you can call a contractor.

Getting Rid of Fall Pests

Making sure your home is free of fall critters is often a matter of making an appointment with an exterminator. In addition to insects, there are also several rodents that can infest your home. Ask your exterminator to inspect the walls and other openings of your home for rats and mice. You can also ask a professional to inspect any rodent droppings you find on your property. NJ Pest Control has the equipment and products necessary to get winter pests out of your home and keep them out. NJ Pest Control can help if you’ve noticed insects in or around your property or want to prevent them from showing up. For useful tips and to schedule an appointment, contact the expert Pest Control Company, NJ Pest Control.