Where Do Ticks Live?

Where Do Ticks Live?

What do Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and the powassan virus have in common?

The answer – each of these is a tick-borne disease. 

If you have a tick infestation in or outside your home, you better believe you got to address it. However, in order to address it, you need to know where to find them.

So, where do ticks live? And how do you go about getting rid of them? This article gives you the answers you’ve been looking for!

Let’s get straight to it.

Where Do Ticks Live Outdoors?

In general, you are likely to find ticks living in elevated areas outdoors. Look into the higher grasses, and in the woodier parts of your garden. However, even if you live in an area that’s sandier, you’re still likely to find them around.

So, where do ticks live in your yard?

They live in shady, moist spaces in your yard, and usually avoid places that are dry or get a lot of sunlight. Additionally, you can also find them along your fences, outdoor wooden walls, and in the bushes. Try and trim your trees and ensure you take proper care of your garden to keep those ticks away.

If you have a wooden play structure, bird feeders or a treehouse in your backyard, know that these are also great environments for ticks to live and breed. If you spot any signs of an infestation, be sure to get in touch with your local pest control experts to address the problem before it exacerbates.

Where Do Ticks Live Indoors?

Now ticks can also find their way into your home, and set up camp inside your furniture and other wooden places. These ticks also feed on the pets, and sometimes even the people living in these spaces. 

So, where do ticks live on a human? 

Yes, the mere thought sends shivers down your spine, but the knowledge will help you prevent this from happening. Sometimes they could live on your clothes, or attach themselves to your groin, armpit, or even your scalp. Practice good hygiene and pay attention to your bedroom and the furniture inside it to ensure that your space is tick-free.

While some ticks lay dormant during the colder temperatures, others are just as active during the winter. For example, black-legged ticks begin feeding during the initial days of the winter.

Get the Experts Involved

So, where do ticks live? Now you have the answer!

If you spot any signs of a tick infestation in your home, make sure to address it immediately. 

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