Types of Ladybugs, Facts, and Information

There’s a lot to love about ladybugs. People consider them to be a sign of good luck. They eat bad bugs that damage your garden. Children love them as well.

While ladybugs are a great insect to have around, they are not so great to have in your house. Ladybugs, if left alone, can become just as annoying as other insects. If you are wondering how to manage them, here is some information.

Ladybug Facts

Known as ladybugs in the United States, these insects are small beetles. In other countries, people know them as ladybirds. Gardeners and farmers consider them helpful insects. That is until there are too many of them. When they outnumber their predators, they can destroy crops.

There are many types. Most people see ladybugs that are red with black spots. However, they come in other colors as well. Ladybugs can also be black with yellow spots, orange, and even yellow with black spots. You may be wondering, “Where do ladybugs live?” You can find these bugs all over North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and they can fly nearly everywhere.  

What Attracts Ladybugs?

Two things attract ladybugs — a nice supply of aphids and a nice supply of pollen. These bugs flock to outdoor flower gardens because they usually have the pollen and aphids they are looking for. Herb gardens with dill and cilantro also have a good shot at attracting them. These gardens are very fragrant. In fact, it seems the more fragrant your garden is, the more ladybugs will be happy to live there.

You may wonder, “Why do I have so many ladybugs in my house?” Ladybugs can become a pest in your home in several ways. First, they may come in through the cracks and crevices in your house. This is especially true in older homes. Second, they love flying to light-colored houses because they think those houses are big flowers. Homes that have a nice Southwestern exposure also seem to attract them.

Are Ladybugs Harmful?

Ladybugs can be harmful. That’s because if there are enough of them, they can damage your home and property. The little bugs don’t bite, and we’ve never heard of someone being allergic to them. However, you don’t want hundreds flying in your house.

Have you wondered, “How do I get rid of ladybugs in my house?” If yes, there are several steps you can take.

Sadly, it is difficult to trap ladybugs and let them go in your yard — or your neighbor’s yard. Even if they need a ladybug, it is difficult to release them safely. You can vacuum them up if you notice them on your walls or windowsills. You can also trap them with a bowl of soapy water. Ladybugs leave trails of pheromones for other ladybugs to follow. You can discourage others from coming by getting rid of the pheromone trail. You can spray vinegar where they are gathered in your house. You can also put lights in dark corners to discourage them from landing.

The best way to get rid of ladybugs in your house is to not let them come in at all. Seal up your cracks and crevices. Plant fragrant flowers and plants away from your house as well. This should attract ladybugs outside your home.

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