Top 3 Summer Pest Threats & Prevention

Summer pests: they love your home and can’t get enough of it. But one thing’s for sure – they’re terribly annoying!

When managing summer pest threats, there are practices you can follow to keep them out of your house. Find your summer pest prevention tips here so that you can enjoy the season without any bother.

But first, let’s look at the top three pests that try to get inside in the summer.

Some insects are attracted mainly to the hot summer weather and blooming flowers. So if you like to care for your garden, you might want to keep your eye on them!

Here are three critters: you’ll want to protect against summer pest threats during this time of the year.

Honey Bees

Honey bees love to eat nectar and swarm to pollen on flowers. So for them, this makes summer the perfect season to nest in.

Their sting can be troublesome, especially for those who are allergic. Not only can they land you in hospital, but they can damage the home you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

They’re definitely a pest threat to look out for!


There are a few big problems with mosquitos. They can:

  • Attach themselves to flowers and lay their eggs
  • Carry multiples diseases that cause threats to your health

While mosquitos primarily cause an uncommon condition, encephalitis (which leads to brain swelling), fevers are rising across the U.S., which can come from these critters.


Termites are clever little creatures that create underground tunnels to find their way to food. But while they might just be looking for their next meal, they can become quite the destructor.

It’s crazy to think, but these tiny insects could collapse your house! They tear away at wood and can completely wreck your home’s structures over time. That’s why you’ll especially want to take care to prevent them from coming in.

Tips for Managing Summer Pest Threats

But we don’t want to leave you feeling helpless here – you can protect yourself from them! You can reduce pest threats and keep your home clean with a few simple tips and tricks.

Want to know what summer pest prevention methods you can take? We’ve got you covered!

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

A clean kitchen’s less inviting. Summer pests can be kept at bay by:

  • Storing food away correctly and not out in the open
  • Keeping your kitchen counters clean and tidy
  • Reducing food waste

Store Your Trash Right

Bugs love their food, and they’ll try and find it in the trash. So keep a bin in your kitchen with a lid on it so that it’s not left exposed.

Proper emptying practices should be followed too. Take your trash out each night and carefully sanitize your bins regularly, especially if there are spills.

Protect Home Entry Points

To stops bugs from crawling beneath your door, you can add a protective seal. A door sweep can also help to close the gap between the bottom of your door and the floor. 

Check out your local hardware store for home equipment that you can use to fight off the summer pest problem.

Choose NJ Pest Control for Help With Summer Pest Threats & Prevention

With these tips, you’ll be in a better position to manage summer pest threats. However, we’re here for you if any bugs make it into your home!

Do you need help with summer pest prevention? Get in touch with us to find out more! We’ll tell you about our services and the bugs we remove and control.

Let us help you enjoy your summer and stay safe from these annoying little pests.