Termites? 7 Early Warning Signs to Be Aware Of

Termites? Signs To Be Aware Of

With spring approaching, subterranean termites are preparing to swarm, while dampwood termites are waiting for the summer and drywood termites are waiting until the late summer or early fall. In this article, we are going to discuss the early warning signs of termites to be aware of. But first, let’s tell you a bit about the high number of homes termites destroy and damage per year.

Termites destroy parts of more than 600,000 homes every year in the US and cause almost $40 billion in damage globally. Often, by the time you see the signs of a termite invasion, a lot of damage has already been done.

But while it is devastating to discover you have damage, it’s far worse to not know it’s there. Symptoms often show up long after the original damage happens, so learn to keep your eyes open to catch them quickly.

Here are seven early warning signs of termites you watch for.

1. Mud Tubes

In the northeastern part of the country, the type of termites we have belongs to one group called subterranean. This group leaves one of the easiest termite signs to look out for – narrow mud tubes on the foundation or wall that they use to get around.

If you break open a piping tube and see termites, you have an active infestation. If you don’t, the colony might have died or started using a different tunnel.

2. Flying Swarm

In New Jersey, termite swarms tend to happen between April and June. Males and females are leaving to start a new colony. A swarm might be a sign they’re setting up in your house.

3. Discarded Wings

Along with mud tubes, a pile of discard wings is a sure and easily identified sign of a termite problem. They might end up in spider webs or collect on window sills.

4. Bodies – Dead or Alive

Termites tend to avoid high-traffic areas, so if you might find them dead before alive. Check carefully as many people mistake them for ants. You might hear the live ones in your walls if you listen very carefully for a clicking or munching sound.

5. Yard Issues

7 Early Warning Signs Of Termites

Termites like any kind of wood, which could mean they attack your trees, shrubs, or fence before heading to the house. Keep an eye on trunks for small holes or wood shavings where they entered. You might also find discarded wings or dead carcasses collecting around the base.

6. Bulges, Ridges, or Bubbling

This sign is often misinterpreted as water damage, but bulges can indicate a nest growing between joists or studs. Ridges in your drywall or under wallpaper might be tunnels for subterranean termites. Bubbles in your paint can also be warning signs you have termites if you can rule out water damage.

7. Holes and Droppings

7 Early Warning Signs Of Termites

Most termite species eat as much as 3 percent of their body weight a day. Tiny holes where they enter the wood and piles of sand-sized pellets show up as a result. Droppings often look like coffee grounds or sawdust.

Early Warning Signs of Termites – Now What?

Getting rid of termites can be difficult, even if you catch any of the early warning signs of termites. Knowing these signs and watching for them give you the best chance of reducing damage.

If you’re wondering “do I have termites”, contact us today for a consultation. Our NJ Pest Control experts are trained to spot even the smallest signs of termites, which could save you from a big home repair bill.

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7 Early Warning Signs Of Termites