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As the name suggests, the eastern gray squirrel has predominantly gray fur, but it can have a brownish color. It has a usual white underside. It has a large bushy tail.


Average size is between 15-20 inches in length and weighs up to 1½ lbs.


Gray squirrels are omnivores. They eat a variety of foods including seeds, nuts, fungi, fruit, and insects.


Predators include humans, hawks, weasels, raccoons, foxes, snakes, owls, domestic and feral cats and dogs.

Typical Lifespan

Gray squirrels can live up 2 years.


In the wild, eastern gray squirrels can be found inhabiting large areas of mature, dense woodland ecosystems, generally covering 100 acres (40 hectares) of land. These forests usually contain large amounts of dense understory vegetation that provides them sufficient amount of food sources and favorable shelters. Oak-hickory hardwood forests are preferred over coniferous forests


Eastern grey squirrels are found throughout the eastern United States to just west of the Mississippi River and north into Canada. They have been introduced into some part of the western United States and some areas of Canada where they were not previously found.

Life History and Reproduction

The eastern gray squirrel mates twice per year. When the young are born, they rely on their mothers to care for them for a couple of months.