Spotted Lanternfly Now In Morris County, NJ (What You Should Do)

Spotted Lanternfly Now In Morris County, NJ (What You Should Do)

It’s estimated that there are over 164,000 insect species in the US. While some are native and do no harm, others are imported invasive species that can cause lots of damage.

For example, there’s the spotted lanternfly, which originally came from Asia. They first came over to this country in 2014 on a shipment to Pennsylvania. 

With their natural spread, people have now seen the spotted lanternfly in Morris County, NJ. In this article, we’ll discuss how to spot these pests and what you can do if you do.

Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine

In late August 2020, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture put 7 NJ counties under quarantine. At that time, Morris County wasn’t one of them.

Under this quarantine, residents have to thoroughly inspect their vehicles before they drive them. In addition, the NJ Department of Agriculture and USDA-APHIS are treating these affected counties, meaning residents might get a visit if there’s an active infestation on the tree of heaven (the gathering and mating spot for spotted lanternflies).

At the time of writing, Morris County isn’t currently under quarantine. But because these pests have been found here, it’s very possible that this county will be added to the quarantine list.

What Does the Spotted Lanternfly Look Like?

The spotted lanternfly looks like a moth at first glance. This is because it has large wings. Its body is around 1 in length and half an inch in width.

This pest has a black head, and its body is yellow and black. Its top wings are grey with black spots, while its bottom wings are spotted in black, white, and red.

These characteristics make the spotted lanternfly very easy to spot and distinguish from other insects.

Where the Spotted Lanternfly Has Been Found in Morris County

The spotted lanternfly has been spotted in these areas:

Spotted Lanternfly In Morris County Nj
  • Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center
  • Elizabeth D. Kay Environmental Center
  • Columbia Trail
  • Traction Line Recreation Trail
  • Frelinghuysen Arboretum
  • Willowwood Arboretum
  • Fosterfields Living Historical Farm
  • Loantaka Brook Reservation
  • Central Park of Morris County
  • James Andrews Memorial County Park
  • Hedden Park
  • Mount Paul Memorial County Park

Because of these sightings, the Morris County Park Commission has taken action. They’ve set out traps, removed stands of ailanthus (tree of heaven) from parks, and applied herbicides on larger trees.

What to Do if You Find the Spotted Lanternfly

If you find these pests, report your findings with the SLF reporter survey. You can also take a picture and email it to Should you find large stands of ailanthus, you can also email that same address.

For those who want to be very proactive, you can catch and kill these pests. Only do so if you feel 100% in your identification of these lanternflies.

Keep an Eye Out for the Spotted Lanternfly in Morris County, NJ

Now you know what they look like and what to do if you find the spotted lanternfly in Morris County, NJ. Make sure you keep an eye out and take immediate action if you see any. With the help of you and other helpful citizens, we’ll hopefully be able to keep the population down in this area.

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