Selling Your Home? 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pest Inspection

Preparing to put your home up on the market soon? There are dozens of things you should do before you try to sell it.

For example, you should aim to improve the curb appeal so that your home looks enticing to potential buyers. You should also make any major repairs that have been hanging over your head for months now. You should set out to declutter your home and even consider staging it, too.

Additionally, you should think about having a pest inspection done. Here are five reasons why it’s a good idea to do this prior to listing your home for sale.

1. Alerts You to Any Hidden Pest Problems

You might not think that your home has a pest problem. As long as you don’t see house mice scurrying around in your kitchen or stink bugs flying around in your living room, you might be under the impression that your house is pest-free.

But there are so many different pests that could be living right under your nose without you even knowing it. You could have:

  • Termites chewing up the wood in your crawlspace
  • Bats hanging out in your attic
  • Bed bugs crawling around in your bed and on your furniture

During a home pest inspection, a pest control company can check for signs of all these types of pests—and more. It’ll let you know whether or not you have a pest problem to worry about.

2. Puts Potential Buyers’ Minds at Ease

When buyers are considering purchasing your home, they’re going to have all kinds of concerns about it. From the age of your HVAC system to the condition of your roof, they’re going to kick the tires on almost every aspect of your home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to tell them that they do not have to worry about pests since you already had a pest inspection done? It’ll go a long way towards showing them that you’ve done everything you can to make sure your home is in great shape for them. 

3. Prevents Pests From Ruining a Showing or Open House

When you begin trying to sell your home, a real estate agent from Midtown Direct Homes or another company is going to set up regular showings for it. They’re also going to arrange to hold open houses to show your home off to those in your community.

It would be a real shame for rodents, bugs, or other pests to pop up on the scene during a showing or open house and ruin it for everyone. You’ll have a tough time trying to convince people to buy your home if they see pests moving around inside of it.

4. Speeds Up the Home-Selling Process

There are many mortgage companies that will force homebuyers to perform pests inspections prior to approving them for home loans. They’re especially diligent about doing it in states like New Jersey where many homes are known to have pests like termites living in them.

If you want to avoid any hiccups in the home-selling process, you can get out ahead of mortgage companies and perform a pest inspection yourself. It’ll prevent homebuyers from having to do a termite inspection for home purchase on their own later.

5. Helps You Avoid Unnecessary Stress

Selling a home is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. It’s actually so stressful that about 40% of people admit to crying at least once while selling a home as a direct result of stress.

You’re going to have enough things stressing you out while selling a home. Don’t allow pests to make your stress even worse than it’s already going to be. An inspection done by an experienced pest inspector will alleviate at least a little bit of the stress you’ll feel while selling your house.

Schedule a Pest Inspection for Your Home Before Selling It

As you’ve seen, scheduling a pest inspection prior to selling a home is a smart move. It’ll make the entire process of selling your house go so much smoother.

We can set you up with the real estate inspection services you need. We’ll let you know if you have a pest problem in your home and talk to you about how to get rid of it if you’d like.

Contact us today to schedule one of our pest inspections before you begin trying to sell your home.