Professional & Affordable Bat Removal, Morris County, NJ

Professional Bat Removal Is Essential

Wildlife pest removal methods are a necessity if you live in Morris County and beyond and suspect there may be bats living in your attic or on your property. You should be aware so you can choose the right approach. Bat droppings and carcasses can pose serious health risks for you and your loved ones, so it is important to contact an expert in bat removal and control right away when you see a bat in or near your home.

Reasons Bats Need To Be Removed

Bats, which are the only mammals that can take flight, can cause structural damage to houses. The bats leave streaks on the walls from their body oil, which can be dangerous for humans to touch and feces which is dangerous to breathe.  

They can cause various diseases in humans. If a bat bites you, you could develop rabies. Bat feces, also known as guano, is similar in appearance to rodent feces. It tends to accumulate near the nest. Exposure to bat guano (bat droppings) can cause the disease histoplasmosis. This is a lung disease that comes from breathing in the pores that grow in bat droppings.

If you find bats on your property, you need to contact a professional bat removal company to get rid of the creatures right away.

Bat Removal Methods

Due to diseases that individuals are not aware of it is always recommended to have a professional bat removal specialist to remove the bats and ensure that they do not return, however, in the meantime, there are a few methods you can implement to try to drive bats away.

Mirrors and aluminum can be useful ways to deter bats from getting into the small entry points in your home. Since foil makes a ruffling sound in the wind, the noise can scare bats away. The mirrors have a reflective quality that also deters bats, and the combination of these items can keep bats away from your home. 

Bats use echolocation to communicate, which means the animals depend on their environment to know where to fly and where to land. Since the foil affects both sound and light, it can interfere with echolocation, which can keep bats from flying into your home. It is also a good idea to place Mylar balloons near the entrances of your home. Bats are afraid of the flapping noise the balloon makes in the wind. The sound may make the bats feel as though a predator is pursuing them.

Using Mothballs

You may have a few old mothballs (naphthalene balls) in your home which can repel bats. It is also easy to purchase mothballs at a local grocery store. However, this bat removal method is not legal in all states. Check with our wildlife removal team before using mothballs to get rid of bats. The FDA asserts that mothballs are recommended for controlling caterpillar and moth populations in residential areas. Placing the mothballs in a cloth and hanging the tied fabric in the attic can keep bats away and prevents the bats from choking on the mothballs.

Professional Bat Removal Services

A wildlife and pest control professional will inspect your home and tell you which areas need to be sealed off to keep bats from entering. If there are bat droppings or carcasses hidden in the crevices of the property, the wildlife and pest control specialist can remove these for you in the safest fashion. Your vents and chimney are also inspected to see whether bats have accessed this part of your house.

Once your home is ready, your pest control professional will use an exclusion device to lure the bats out of the house and keep them from returning.

Remember that since bats are nocturnal, they likely will not leave your home until the sun goes down. Nighttime is when bats are active and hunt for food.

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