Precautions To Take To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

How To Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs

If you’re planning to spend time away from home soon, it’s important to take precautions to stay safe and healthy. Be careful when you’re sleeping in beds other than your own. Bed bugs are unfortunately becoming more common. These insects have bites that cause severe itching. The bugs can also follow you from where you’re lodging, and it can be costly to get rid of them. If your home becomes infested with these pests, research indicates this can lead to social isolation and anxiety.

Motels and hotels are some of the places bed bugs thrive the most. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from bed bugs. Once you know how to prevent bed bugs from spreading, you can focus on enjoying your vacation.

Inspect the Bathroom

One of the first things you should do when you get to your hotel is check out the bathroom. Make sure the area is clean enough for you to store your luggage. This way, you can look through the actual room for bed bugs. Missy Henriksen, the National Pest Management Association’s public affairs vice president, says it’s less likely the bugs are in bathrooms. Henriksen says the insects don’t prefer tile floors. There are also fewer places to hide in the bathroom. The bugs literally want to be closer to sleeping humans, which is how the creatures got their name.

Look Through the Bed

If you want to make sure your bed does not have bed bugs, pull the linens back. Check every corner of the bed and all through the mattress. Look behind the headboard as well. Do you see tiny black dots that look like pepper or mold or any bloodstains? These are signs of bed bugs. Dr. Christine Johnson, a behavioral ecologist with the American Museum of Natural History, says there are likely bed bugs nearby. The insects are the size of an apple seed, and they may also be in the bedding seams. Notify the hotel staff right away so you can make adjustments to your accommodations.

Evaluate the Room

Check the entire room for bed bugs. You should do this even after you check the bathroom and bed. Check on and behind picture frames. Look near and on the alarm clock, television, and TV. If there are books or magazines in the room, look in those as well. Look through chair and sofa cushions. Open the closet and look at all the shelves before putting your clothes inside. According to studies, bed bugs are usually within 15 feet of the bed. However, there may still be a few critters a little further away.

Don’t Put Your Luggage On the Floor

If you leave your bags on the floor, this can make it easier for bed bugs to enter. It’s easy for the bugs to travel from room to room. Keep your luggage on a desk or nightstand, or use the luggage rack. Be sure not to leave your clothes lying out. The fabric attracts the bugs and they can infest your clothing quickly.

You can also wrap your luggage in plastic. There are special luggage storage bags to shield your belongings from bed bugs. You can also use large trash bags to wrap around your suitcase. You can use the coverings while traveling and once you get to your room. Keeping your luggage covered also decreases the chances of bed bugs getting into your bags during travel.

Despite knowing how to prevent bed bugs from spreading, the critters could still show up. If you find that bed bugs have followed you home from vacation, contact the NJ Pest team. Our expert highly qualified professionals can handle this urgent issue for you right away. Contact NJ Pest Control to set up an appointment for us to come to your property, inspect and get rid of these annoying little critters.