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Pokemon Go

As the frenzy for Pokémon Go mania grows, most of us know the characters that irritate us the most. These troublesome little imps can be easy to catch, not really worth anything, especially your time to catch, but seem to constantly appear randomly throughout your home.

Here are our TOP 10 Critters…

  Rattata Rattata – this little guy is a rat! Just like in the human world, rats will multiply like crazy and soon they can seize your home.

Caterpie  Caterpie – has a voracious appetite. Don’t let the Caterpie invade your home and devour it right before your eyes.

Kakuna    Kakuna –  is not very mobile and has a hard shell to protect itself. If threaten it can sting you. Be careful and stay away from her.

   Bedrill   Bedrill – has an attitude. They fly fast and have a painful sting. Don’t invite them to the picnic, because they will surely leave their “mark”.DiglettDiglet – digs holes and hides from you. Don’t be fooled by him being small and cute, this little creature can wreck havoc thought                                                      your yard.

   NinjaskNinjask – flies really fast and is difficult to see. Don’t let them in your yard, they will surely annoy you and your friends.

 Pachirsu Pachirsu – looks like a squirrel, right? Just like a squirrel it will store food in various areas but let them into your home (attic). This can be a                                  shocking experience.

  GengarGengar – lurk in the shadows and love to cause chaos wherever they go. Hearing things that go bump in the night and finding no evidence, a                                  Gengar is a hard one to defeat.

  DurantDurant- Attacks in great numbers and can easily overwhelm you.

  Raticate  Raticate – constantly chews on everything. If they penetrate your home they will certainly chew on anything and everything.

Everyone has their favorite or the one they despise the most on our Top 10.  Let us know which one stands out the most for you and your game plan to defeat them. Lots of people will bring great options and strategies to the table that can help us win this war in Pokémon Go. Here at NJ Pest we are the real world exterminators and are here to help you win the battle. Save your Pokémon Balls for the unique and treasured ones and let us tackle the ones on our Top 10.