Mosquitos and Ticks

Mosquitos and Ticks

By Russell Sieb, ACE

With mosquito and tick season upon us and May being Lyme Disease Awareness Month, it is important to take some precautions. Everyone is enjoying the great outdoors, BBQ’s, yard work, etc. With more time being spent outside, the interactions with mosquitos and ticks also increase.

Last year, the big threat was Zika virus and now this year it’s an exotic tick, the long-horned or bush tick that is native to Eastern Asia. This tick has been found in Hunterdon County, Daily Record, November 2017 and, April 2018.

The biggest problem with any of insect-transmitted diseases is proper and correct information as well as awareness. If you take the following precautions you can reduce the interactions with these blood-sucking creatures:

  • Standing water-Remove/reduce
    • Old flower pots
    • Children’s toys
    • Even bird baths
  • Yard-Remove yard waste
    • Remove any leaf litter/debris
    • Grass clippings
    • Remove fallen branches
  • Gutters-Working Properly
    • Keep clean
    • Downspouts away from the house and not pooling up
  • Trees-Trimmed
    • Allows areas to dry out

These tips will help reduce the encounters with these disease-carrying insects within your yard. After doing all this work, you may still have mosquito and tick concerns in and around your property, consult with a professional pest control company, like NJ Pest. When considering a professional pest control company to protect your backyard against mosquitos and ticks, like NJ Pest, please consider their qualifications, knowledge (how do they receive the latest information on mosquitos and ticks), do they belong to any professional organizations (NJPMA, NPMA) or just franchise meetings, the products they use (efficacy and application methods) and most importantly, are you comfortable with them protecting your family, home, and pets. NJ Pest is the only Veteran owned, licensed and insured pest control company in NJ.

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