Mosquito and Tick Control Services

When to Contact Mosquito and Tick Control Services: 3 Surefire Signs

If you live in New Jersey, you’ve likely experienced a bug problem or two, particularly involving a couple of the most annoying (and evenpotentially dangerous) pests: mosquitoes and ticks.

New Jersey is home to several types of mosquitoes, which are known for being disease vectors—harboring viruses like West Nile, or being the host for Zika or Dengue fever.  

Ticks are another issue that’s expected to be massive this year, particularly the Lyme disease-causing deer ticks, begging the need for mosquito and tick control services. New Jersey’s rate of Lyme disease cases is four times the national average, sitting at 40.8 cases per 100,000. Experts don’t see instances of deer ticks slowing down any time soon, either.

Wondering if you need tick and mosquito control services? If you’re noticing any of the following signs, the answer is “Yes.”

1. You’re Getting Bit More Often

Mosquito And Tick Control Services

One bite, or even two, might not be cause for concern. But if you or others in your household are getting bit regularly, that’s a surefire sign of an infestation. 

You might be getting bit more often while on the porch, in the front yard, or in the backyard. That’s likely a sign the root of the problem is nearby. If you’re getting bit while inside the home, consider that an alarm bell! 

If you get bit by a tick, remove it as soon as possible using tweezers and monitor for symptoms. Consider calling your healthcare provider—and then your local pest control company. 

2. You’ve Got Standing Water on Your Property

Mosquito And Tick Control Services

The chances are good that if you’re noticing more mosquitos outside (frequent buzzing, more bites, increased sightings), you’ve got standing water close by.

Humidity is a major contributor to mosquito populations, and this, combined with standing water, makes for ideal breeding grounds. For example, you may have an untreated pond near your yard. If you notice puddles or bodies of standing water, you’ll need to address the problem by starting there.

3. Your Pets Get Ticks

Mosquito And Tick Control Services

Did you notice a tick in your cat’s ear? Then later, a stark black guy crawling against your Lab’s white fur?

If so, you might need to consider some pet treatments—and then tick control.

An increased number of bugs on your pets is a sign you’ve got more than your average ticks nearby. Ticks flock to warm areas on mammals’ bodies, including us and our beloved pets. They’re also attracted to motion, making Fido or Fluffy the perfect targets for biting.

Notice These Signs? You Need Mosquito and Tick Control Services

You can’t be too careful about mosquitos or ticks, both of which are potentially harmful to humans and pets. When they’re not harmful, they’re still annoying. You deserve peace and quiet at home—and to remain bite-free.

Whether you need mosquito yard treatment, tick yard treatment, or both, we at NJ Pest Control can help. We’re QualityPro® Certified pest control experts with eco-friendly and effective practices. 

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