Mice Moving In This Fall: Prevention Tips

Prevention Tips To Stop Mice From Moving Into Your House This Fall

When mice invade your home, they will contaminate your food with their hair, urine, and droppings. They will also gnaw on wires, wood, and many more items in the search for nesting materials. 

All of the facts above and more should serve as reasons why you shouldn’t want mice in your home. The best way to prevent their invasion is to have a mice prevention strategy. It’s especially important to have this in the fall. 

Why do mice come in during the fall? How do I keep mice out of my house in the fall? Read on to find out the answers to these questions. 

Why Do Mice Come in During the Fall? 

The darker and colder days of autumn flip a switch in the brain of mice. Their instincts will warn these animals that winter is coming soon, and they must prepare.

Unfortunately, their preparation methods for the harshest season send them into your home. Mice need two things in the winter: warm shelter for borrowing and lots of food for fattening up. Your home can provide them with both. 

How Do I Keep Mice Out of My House in the Fall? 

If you notice the signs of mice, it’s probably already too late! Your home and possessions probably have sustained damage from mice. It will also be challenging to get rid of them once they’ve found a way in and have found cozy places to hide. 

The best way to get rid of mice in your home is to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. You can learn some methods to do this in the list below. 

Plug Up Entry Points for Mice 

Mice can squeeze themselves through holes the size of a dime. You need to find all the holes in your home’s walls, windows, etc., that are this size or larger. Then, you need to seal them up.

Put Food in Safe Containers  

Your first step should be ensuring your floors and counters are crumb-free. Messy kitchens and other areas are sure to attract mice.

Beyond that, you need to put all the food you can in metal and thick plastic containers. Mice can chew through thin plastic and cardboard. 

Get Rid of Nesting Materials 

During your fall house cleaning, make sure that you clean up any easy-to-reach items that could make suitable nesting materials. These include old newspapers, yard debris, and a few other things. As for items such as books and insulation, consider spraying them in a natural mice deterrent like peppermint oil. 

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As you can see, these steps are relatively easy to do. You can easily add them to your usual autumn chores. If you do, you shouldn’t need to ask, ‘why do mice come in during the fall’ again. 

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