Insect Infestation and Why You Need Pest Control in the Winter

Winter Insect Infestation & Pest Control

Insect infestation during the spring and fall is common, which is why you have your home exterminated during these seasons. However, winter pest control is just as important. When the weather gets colder, rodents and bugs look for a safe, warm place to live and lay their eggs. There are also insects that are particularly active during winter. To enjoy the beauty of winter, know how to get rid of critters quickly and keep them out of your home. Effective pest control during the winter also makes your home safer since some pests can carry disease.

Protecting Yourself from Insects in the Winter

There are a few things you can do to keep your home protected from pests this winter. When you throw food away, place it in an airtight bag or container. Be sure the garbage can lid is tightly closed as well. Insects and rodents looking for food won’t be able to get inside, which increases the chances they’ll stay off your property. Sweep up any crumbs after eating, and wipe crumbs from the cabinet and tables. Seal the cracks or openings around windows and door to make sure pests stay out. You can also trim the trees and bushes near your home. This makes it easier to see if pests are hiding so you can keep them from getting into the house.

What Insects Are Active During Winter?

Many insects are somewhat active in the winter, including cluster flies, box elders, and ladybugs. These insects still move around occasionally to find food, but they go into a diapause stage, which is similar to hibernation. Insects want a safe place to do this, which is why you may see them in your home during winter. Since the bugs rest more during this period, they are often mistaken for easy prey. It’s common to find these insects in the attic and inside of walls.

Do Bugs Survive Winter?

A number of insects in New Jersey, such as wasps and bees, die out during fall and winter. The queen bee burrows herself underground and emerges in spring to begin a new colony. However, there are several bugs that not only survive winter but thrive during the season. The Subterranean termite is a prime example. These insects, which live in communities that include thousands of termites, start to become active in the fall. They search for warm places to live and breed and lay eggs until the end of the winter season. Termites are extremely dangerous because they feed on wood and can destroy the structural components of a home. When termites eat away at the wood siding or foundation of a house, the repairs could cost thousands.

Cockroaches can also survive the winter. These insects are likely found in the warmest parts of your home. The bugs also stay in dark places, which is why they scatter when the lights are on. Check areas where you and your family eat to ensure there are no crumbs or food residue to attract cockroaches.

Rodents like rats and mice may also be hiding on your property. These rodents often eat insects and food scraps, which is why keeping your home clean is important.

NJ Pest Control has the equipment and products necessary to get winter pests out of your home and keep them out. NJ Pest Control can help if you’ve noticed insects in or around your property or want to prevent them from showing up. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about pest control. We provide the tools and methods you need to keep your home safe from bugs and other critters this winter. To schedule an appointment, contact NJ Pest Control.