How to Prevent a Pest Infestation in Your Restaurant

Concerned about a pest infestation in your restaurant?  We’ve all seen shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Dirty Dining. For those of us who own restaurants, the primary reaction after seeing these shows was a relieved sigh that you don’t have to deal with any of the extreme issues that these dining establishments are shown having.

Although your restaurant is unlikely to get anywhere near as bad as those you see on TV, it’s still important to take precautions and fight against potential pest infestation. These problems can happen to anyone no matter how clean you are in food preparation or how carefully you clean, so it’s crucial to always be prepared.

Here, we’re going to discuss what you should do if you find pests in your restaurant, so read on for tips on maintaining health standards and how to do what’s right for your restaurant.

Identify Issues With Pests

It’s important to know what you’re fighting against, so remember the most common pests that restaurant owners have to face: rats, roaches, flies, stinging bugs, ants, and beetles. If you notice signs of these pests, be they droppings, chewed on ingredients, or the bugs themselves as they roam around, it’s time to take action immediately.

Look around and try to figure out the source of the infestation. It may be a hole in the wall or an anthill in a corner of the restaurant. If you can identify the area easily, use some bleach or pesticides and get to scrubbing.

Take Preventative Measures

There are preventative measures you can take to prevent issues from worsening once you spot the signs of pest invasion. Set out mouse or ant traps if applicable or leave some fly tape or wasp catchers on the walls. Your primary goal is to kill the existing pests before they reproduce and multiply.

Clean up really well, but remember that you likely aren’t going to be able to eliminate pests alone. That’s where calling in the pros comes in.

Call In the Pros

Calling in professional pest exterminators is a must for someone dealing with these critters. No matter how well you evaluate your space, this assessment can’t compare to that of someone who’s specifically trained to figure out what’s going wrong in a kitchen.

We offer a variety of services for commercial pest control, including educating people in your establishment about the state and extent of your pest problem. Primarily, we’re there to help you come up with a long-term pest eradication strategy and help you implement it. We’ll exterminate the problem and follow up with you later to ensure that all is in order!

Prevent a Pest Infestation

While pests in your restaurant can be a huge nuisance, there are ways you can take care of it before they become an unsolvable problem.

Now that you know how to deal with a pest infestation in your restaurant, it’s time to consult with the pros. If you’ve identified a problem or need more help contact NJ Pest Control today. If you need help with financing, click here to learn how to finance your professional pest extermination process. There are a variety of payment plans to ensure that you will find one that works right for you!

Good luck!