How To Get a Skunk Out From Under The House

What’s worse than passing by a skunk on the road? A skunk under your house! So, you now think you have one, two, three or even kits, and you wonder, “How to get a skunk out from under the house?”

First, Can a Skunk Live Under Your House?

It’s bad enough to have a skunk’s den on your property, but can a skunk get under a house? Yes, they certainly can, as they can also live under sheds and decks. 

Second, How Can a Skunk Get Under a House?

Their short stubby, powerful legs enable them to dig under a foundation at least two feet deep. These low-ground areas are the perfect environment for mothers to raise their skunk kits.

Third, How Do You Tell if You Have a Skunk Under Your House?

First, do not be surprised if you do not smell them. Skunks are discreet wildlife animals that do not give off a strong, pungent smell unless threatened.

Often, they are mistaken for raccoons and possums.

In addition, you undoubtedly, do not want skunks digging and nesting under your home, as they can produce five to ten babies yearly.

We mentioned how you might not smell the strong, distinct and foul odor, but on the hand, you can know they are there by their musky and persistent smell; it just depends.

You may also see skunks roaming your property. A sign of a skunk infestation is damage to your lawn from their digging. Skunks will dig small holes in lawns and gardens in search of food.

As many property owners today have security cameras, set yours to see if a skunk is coming and going from under your house.

Fourth, What Do You Do if a Skunk is Under The House?

So, what do you do if a skunk is under your house? First and foremost is to recognize the issue.

Once you believe or have confirmed a skunk is living under your house, the best action is to call a pest professional to remove it. Pest professionals have the experience and equipment to safely, humanely and effectively remove skunks from your property.

If you want to remove them on your own, try using mild repellants such as kitty litter, capsaicin or castor oil. Place near or within the den on one side so the skunk has to go thru it.

But note that the do-it-yourself method is not recommended as you do not want to get “skunked” as it is highly unpleasant. In addition, skunks can spray their scent up to 15 feet, which can cause burning and irritation to the eyes and skin. The smell and irritation can last for days or weeks, and you can detect the odor up to 1.5 miles!

Fifth, Why It’s Vital To Get a Skunk Out From Under The House, A Health Concern

Like raccoons, foxes and bats, skunks are considered a primary carrier of rabies; therefore, they are classified as a vector species. In addition to rabies, skunks are known to carry leptospirosis.

Please do not approach the skunk yourself or try to get rid of it on your own, as you will be putting yourself at a potential health risk. Contact NJ Pest Control if you believe you have a skunk under the house or see the signs. Our professional skunk removal team will act quickly and efficiently to remove the skunks or skunk from under the house so you can have peace of mind. Contact NJ Pest Control today.

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