Wildlife Animal Exclusion Services

Wildlife animal control is a part of living in some parts of New Jersey. There are times when bats, ground hogs, skunks, and other wildlife pay your home or commercial property a visit.

While it can be exciting to watch, wildlife can also pose dangers. Raccoons, possums, and squirrels can cause structural damage to your home as they find a place to shelter. They can cause problems for electric companies, too. 

1. Licensed and Insured

How To Find Wildlife Animal Exclusion Services (The Right Way!) 1

You want to make sure that your property is safe and sound, which is why you need to hire a wildlife animal exclusion company. Keep reading to find out how you can hire the best one.

A reputable wildlife control company will be licensed and insured to operate in the State of New Jersey. They should have their license number listed on their website. If you don’t see it, make sure you ask for proof of license before taking the conversation further.

NJ Pest Control is certified and licensed in New Jersey, but that’s not all. We’re a veteran-owned business that is Green-Pro certified, which ensures that you get environmentally safe treatments. We’re also one of the few companies that have the Certified Wildlife Control Professional designation in New Jersey.

2. Treatment Plan

Wildlife animal exclusion services is the practice of keeping unwanted rodents, bats, and more from entering your home or property. There are a variety of exclusion techniques that need to be put in place depending on the type of animal that is entering. Below we list just a few.

  • Chimney caps installed to prevent animals from nesting within the chimney
  • Exclude plumbing vents to prevent animals from entering
  • Installing roof vents and sealing off entry points on roofs and fascia
  • Install vent covers on exhaust vents
  • Repair holes in siding
  • and more

The wildlife control company that you work with has to know how to implement the right plan of action to ensure that the problem does not repeat itself. NJ Pest Control has the experience and training and will develop the best wildlife control treatment and prevention plan.

3. Provides Additional Services

How To Find Wildlife Animal Exclusion Services (The Right Way!) 2

How many pest control companies do you want to work with? It’s safe to assume that you want to work with just one provider, rather than a separate company for individual issues. 

When you’re evaluating providers, look at the other services that they provide. Are they qualified to do much more than wildlife control and exclusion? Will they be able to handle your pest control problems?

NJ Pest Control provides residential pest control services and commercial pest control services with the ability to handle anything from hornets nests to termites. You’ll be able to call on one pest control provider for all of your needs. 

Work with an Expert Wildlife Animal Control Company

Wildlife is beautiful to observe and admire. However, when wildlife causes damage to your home, the admiration ends. Wildlife can be destructive, damaging drywall, and chewing wires. This can result in thousands of dollars of damage, not to mention it becomes a safety issue for those in the property.

Hiring the right wildlife animal control company means that you’re hiring certified experts who can identify how the damage occurred, remove the wildlife, and prevent them from entering your home or commercial building again.

Contact us today to learn how NJ Pest Control can help you with your wildlife animal exclusion services and pest control.

The New Jersey counties we have been happily servicing for many years are Morris County • Bergen County • Essex County • Passaic County • Union County • Sussex County • Warren County • Hunterdon County • Somerset County. Reach out to us to see if we service your town.