How Do Restaurants Control Pests?

Restaurants can control pests in several ways. The importance of pest control in restaurants cannot be understated. Maybe you are asking, “How do I keep mice out of my restaurant?” Or, maybe, “How can I best control roaches?” Here are some tips for pest control. First, you need a restaurant pest control checklist. A QualityPro Food Safety certified pest control company will help you protect your image and your brand.

Reviewing and Excluding

Your pest control company should be your partner and your asset for controlling pests. The company should be able to make suggestions for you to help keep pests out of your restaurant. For example, your pest control company should look all around your restaurant and check for possible entry points. You may have a crack that’s not sealed, for example. This crack might allow all sorts of pests to get in. Roaches, flies, ants, and rodents might be able to squeeze through that crack, even if it’s small. Sealing the crack prevents any pests from getting in in the first place. This is what specialists call an exclusion.

Eliminate the Reason to Stay

Once you have looked at ways the pests can get in, the next step in your plan should be elimination. You need to get rid of any sources of food, water or shelter. When pests are moving into a new area, they are looking for this. There are some simple ways restaurant owners can eliminate this problem before it begins. Store foodstuffs away from walls and make sure the storage area of shelving sits 6 inches off the floor. Make sure you take out the trash promptly and place it in a dumpster. You need to clean and maintain all grease traps. Your dumpster area needs to be trash-free and sanitary. These are all ways you can prevent pests from setting up in your place of business.

Be on the Lookout

Once you have ensured that you have done everything you can to prevent pests, you need to stay vigilant. Look for signs you may have a problem. For example, if you see small shells that are black, dark red, or brown, you may have a cockroach problem. This is especially true if you see specks of black pepper grains — which are usually roach droppings. You might also notice a strong oily smell in some areas of the restaurant. Do you have a large number of flies? Do they seem to surround your dumpster or garbage containers? You may need more help with fly control. If you see droppings or smell ammonia, you may have a rodent issue. You may need restaurant pest control near you if you see signs something besides a customer is coming in.

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How Do Restaurants Control Pests?

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