Good News! Polar Vortex May Have Killed Off Many NJ Pests

New Jersey’s Winter Icy Blasts – Polar Vortex

Now that the weather is getting warmer and spring is almost here, New Jersey residents may experience less home and lawn pests due to the polar vortex. This past winter’s icy blasts reduced the number of pests that are expected to be in the state over the next few months.

Many insects and other pests like to burrow in the walls of homes and commercial buildings to withstand the cold. These critters cannot survive in cold weather, so if they have not infested your home or workspace, this may mean they are not as abundant this year.

The Reduction in Pests

A professional observation could help to make this theory even more understandable. New Jersey Pest Control owner Russel Sieb states, “Whatever was outside and overwintering underneath the bark of a tree or in tree stumps – yes, they would’ve died off with the extreme cold.” The pest control specialist, whose business is in Randolph, stated that the list of pests which may have died off in the winter include spider, stinkbugs, yellow jackets, and hornets. Sieb confirms that homeowners will be seeing much less of these insects this year due to the harsh temperatures in the winter.

Since the beginning of 2019, the polar vortex in New Jersey has shown up several times. The first time was around the middle of January (close to MLK Day). The vortex caused freezing temperatures again at the end of January and into February. New Jersey also got lots of freezing, arctic air over the 2018 Thanksgiving season.

Existing Pests in Homes

Sieb also confirmed that you already have pests living in your attic, insulation or the walls of your home, the icy winds likely will not drive the critters out. These areas are warm enough for insect and small rodents to get through the winters without freezing.

Ants, however, can withstand cold temperatures. Therefore, if you have an ant problem during the spring and summer, unfortunately, this year should be no different. Sieb says, “They are a little more resilient because they live in colonies with great numbers.”

Getting Rid of Pests

In addition to hiring a professional pest, control company like NJ Pest Control to exterminate your home, Sieb says that getting rid of leaves in the gutters and around your house will keep insects from getting in. Trimming the trees outside of your home can also reduce the chances of a bug invasion and sealing the outdoor pipe penetrations creates a barricade that insects cannot get past.

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