DIY Pest Control? A DIY Don’t

Diy pest control vs. professional pest management

It’s never too soon to think about changing seasons and the pests that come with it. If you’ve never used a professional pest control service, you might need to prepare for the worst—year-round.

DIY pest control can save money in the short-term, but you’ll face an expensive infestation removal or repairs from the damage caused by unwanted rodents and bugs. You also risk your health without the expertise of a professional. 

We promise! Professional pest services are the best. Here’s why DIY pest management is never a good idea.

Harmful ChemicalsDiy Pest Control? A Diy Don'T

Your professional pest control expert has the experience and training to handle the chemicals and products needed to keep pests out of your home or business. Modern pest treatments have come a long way! They are safer for pets, children, and all humans than ever before. 

However, without proper handling of over-the-counter pest control chemicals, you could risk damage to skin, eyes, and your overall health. Substances that treat pests can be harmful to cats, dogs, and other pets—even if their safe for adults and children. 


Regular treatments from your professional pest control company help maintain a bug- and rodent-free environment. Your professional tailors the treatments to manage the active pests each season then schedules your treatments to make sure they happen evenly throughout the year. 

With DIY pest control, it’s easy to get off schedule or use the wrong treatments for the wrong pests or time of year. Ineffective treatment can lead to an infestation, even though applied pest control. 


Your pest control expert knows how, how much, and where to apply treatments for any potential pests. Different varieties of insects lurk in different places and require specific treatments. 

Applying too much of a product can contaminate water sources or harm pets and children. Not using enough product won’t keep your pests at bay. Activating a treatment in the wrong location of your house or business won’t do any good, either. 


When your DIY treatments don’t control your pest problem, you have to deal with an infestation. Ants, bed bugs, fleas, spiders, and other creep-crawlies can turn into an overwhelming issue easier than you think. 

Dealing with an infestation on your own can cause more problems than the pest problem. If you have an issue with termites or rodents, you could face expensive repairs to your foundation, roof, electrical wiring, and drywall. The money you “saved” on your DIY pest control solutions isn’t worth the costs of an infestation solution or significant repairs to your home. 

Professional Pest Control is the BEST Control!

If you’re serious about keeping your home or business pest-free, professional pest control is the best rodent and insect control for your space. Don’t risk the potentially harmful effects of mishandling store-bought pesticides, or wasted effort using an ineffective treatment. 

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